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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is it time to give up on tigers and pandas?

                                Photo:This photo was recently taken by a photographer positioned above
                                           a beach in China.

To read an article at the website entitled, "Is it time to give up on tigers and pandas?" please click on the highlighted words in this sentence.

What does this say about humans as a species if we are not able to conserve all of the life on this planet? How did we get to this point in our history?  I truly believe that there are many too many humans on this planet. We have overpopulated areas of this planet which were not meant for us to inhabit. Of course some of you must have recently read in a newspaper or heard in a tv news broadcast that in the first week of this month of November, the human population on this planet exceeded 7 billion people! Will it come to a point that there are so many humans on this planet that we are going to engage in wars and other cruel confrontations in order to see which of us will be allowed to continue to live on the planet?  Experts have been saying this type of situation  may be inevitable! Why do people continue to have children on this planet, when there are so many children who have no families or parents? What is it about our species which causes us to lose focus of our behavior so badly that we are threatening the existence of all life on the planet? If scientists are telling us that certain species of animals and plants  are too difficult or costly to preserve in the wild,  then this suggests that we humans have gone way too far  in our overpopulation of this planet and the use of its finite resources!

One of the fastest-growing areas (population wise) is Africa, where the population could more than triple from today's one-billion level! People in this area of the World  I was able to  learn of this fact by reading the
article, Alarm about population growth is not a new fear  ,which you can read by clicking on the highlighted  words in this sentence.Dr. M. Ray Perryman, who wrote this article, indicates that he believes the only way we are going to be able to deal with this kind of population of our species on the planet is through . the " hope that technology and productivity can help us solve the other problems inherent in the next billions."

The big question Dr. Perryman is what if technology and productivity do not help us solve these problems? Then what?

As stated by the National Geographic Society:

"The challenge remains to find ever more efficient and less environmentally harmful ways to feed the world. Better management of soil—for example, by rotating crops—can reduce the need to clear more woodland for agriculture. Contour plowing diminishes water-polluting runoff. Some governments have limited or banned the use of DDT as an insecticide because of its cumulative effects in the food chain.
As the Earth’s population continues to mushroom, can ways be found to manage natural resources without causing ecological collapse? The most successful efforts are almost always the result of cooperation between government and industry. But as is true with all government regulation, laws tend to be effective only when they are understood and supported by the people who are affected: both producers and consumers.
In places where these vital conditions do not exist the environment suffers, and ultimately, so do people around the world."  (source: )

"Environmentalists have long been concerned about the resources threatened by rapidly growing human populations, focusing on phenomenon such as deforestation, desertification, air pollution and global warming. But the worst-case scenario for people experiencing overpopulation, according to Lawrence Smith, president of the Population Institute, is a lack of fresh, clean water.
"If the water goes, the species goes," he said."  (source: )

Humans have some serious issues to deal with concerning our population level and its impact on the ecosystems and other life on this planet! Will it come to a point that laws are necessary to prevent couples from having children in our World? This is one possible "solution" which some experts have suggested may be necessary in the future in order to save all live on the Planet! Let us hope that these solutions are still available to the World  if and when definite concrete concerted efforts on the part of all countries on this planet are launched by our species!!

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