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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ivory Trade Revived by Chinese Demand

We want Elephants to be living like this in our world:
and not to suffer and die needlessly (see below) just because some humans on this planet want to use them for their tusks  to have and for "so-called "medicines", medicines which have never been scientifically proven to have any good for humans!

To read an article entitled, Ivory Trade Revived by Chinese Demand please click on the highlighted words in this sentence. As stated in the article:

"A long-dormant threat to Africa's elephant population is back with a vengeance, thanks to rising demand for ivory from newly affluent Chinese consumers."

On September 5th,2011 the news media reported: "Malaysian authorities have seized nearly 700 elephant tusks bound for China, an official said, the latest in a series of hauls indicating Malaysia had become a key ivory transit hub." As stated in this article:as:

"yet unidentified criminal syndicates were behind a series of recent attempts to smuggle tusks through Malaysia and authorities were struggling to keep up with increasingly sophisticated traffickers."
"It is our social responsibility to end this ivory trade. The world at large has branded Malaysia as a hub (for elephant tusks)," said Zainul, the national customs bureau's assistant director general for enforcement.

"Wildlife watchdog TRAFFIC (whose website is at: ),  has said the global illegal ivory trade has grown since 2004, largely due to expanding demand in increasingly prosperous China, where ivory is often ground up and used in traditional medicines".
(source: )

This is terrible news for the Elephants on this planet! We have to pressure the Chinese. You can do this by calling your Federal Government leaders and demanding they pressure the Chinese Government to stop their population from using elephant tusks for these "medicines". We also have to stop buying goods and services from the Chinese, if this is the attitude of some  their population in regards to another life form on this planet!

Thank goodness for Governments like Malaysians who care about the Elephant species on our planet!

"International trade in ivory was banned in 1989 after the population of elephants dropped from the millions in the mid-20th century to some 600,000 by the end of the 1980s."
"But seizures have escalated dramatically in the last seven years, driven by Chinese consumption, which is exacerbating Africa's elephant poaching crisis, activists say." (source:

It is nice to see that the following has happened in our World:

"African elephants may receive a boost from conservationists around the world, who intend to raise $100 million to help combat poaching and the illegal ivory trade. At a United Nations supported meeting in Switzerland, hundreds of delegates from various governments collaborated on creating a trust fund to help elephants survive. Germany, The Netherlands and France are some of the first countries to contribute to the fund. The plan is to raise the $100 million in three years, with other nations contributing as well. “We need a global outcry to spur investment in creating the necessary wildlife law enforcement capacity to take on the international criminal syndicates who benefit from these massacres,” said an elephant conservationist."

"Ivory is in strong demand from Chinese consumers who see it as a status symbol. Some hope has been perceived in the fact an African court recently sentenced a Chinese ivory trafficker to four years in prison, because enforcement of laws protecting elephants sometimes has been lacking."

A Big thank you to this African court which sentenced this Chinese trafficker to prison! Let us hope that other countries also do this when they are able to capture ivory traffickers!  Of course these traffickers would not be in business if there  was not a demand for ivory in China and other countries!

How can you as an individual help the Elephants of this Planet? Here are some things you can do:

  • "Let people you interact with each day know that there are only 30,000 Asian elephants left on the planet. (Imagine this in human terms, as under a third of a sports stadium crowd)"
  • "Do not support elephant poachers by buying ivory or skin products whether allegedly legally obtained or not . Demand causes death to these innocent creatures." (This is the most important thing you can do to save these elephants.If the suppliers of this ivory from elephants have no one to sell their ivory to, they cannot stay in business long!) 
  • Write a story or a letter to the editor  for your local newspapers describing the plight of the elephant and how we can all assist in their survival." 
  • Be an Eco-Tourist
    "Finding ways for people and free-ranging elephants to live in harmony is a major challenge. In some countries projects have shown that it is possible to influence positive attitudes towards elephant as long as local communities benefit, through tourism, from the presence of elephants. In this context eco-tourism based on respect for people, nature and local culture can be an important contributor."
  • Support Conservation Efforts
    "Another way to help elephants is to give your support to those institutions, projects and individuals who work to better understand and conserve elephants, whether this be through applied conservation or basic research. The Internet, which you as a web-surfer probably already know, is a good source of information on the types of projects that are being undertaken across Africa and Asia."

  • Sources: (If you want to help the elephant species financially please visit this link to find ways to do this).

    "The alarming level of illegal hunting could drive the African elephant to extinction across the entire in just 15 years from now says the director of IFAW UK (The International Fund for Animal Welfare)."
     (source: )

    We cannot let this happen!!

     We cannot let some humans cause this to happen!!! Please  watch this informative video and please share it with your friends and relatives:

     source of video:
    Source of images:

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