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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stop Dolphin Captivity!

This is how dolphins in this World deserve to live:

Not like this as a form of entertainment for us with a life of captivity!:

Please click on this link and watch these videos: 

This  next video shows how dolphins end up in aquariums, they are captured against their will!:

Dolphins are extremely intelligent and we humans have no right to capture them for our own amusement!  The events in these videos are happening every day to dolphins in our World! This isn't fair and should be illegal! Boycott dolphins shows and aquariums which hold animals capture against their will for the amusement and profit of humans!

As an animal expert at the World Society for the Protection of Animals states:

"To a dolphin, a pool is a cage. These fast moving animals, which form complex social groups when free, cannot behave naturally in captivity."   
"The mortality rates and abnormal behaviours of captive dolphins prove that a lack of stimulation causes them terrible stress. Swimming listlessly in circles is just one common indicter of boredom and psychological distress."
"Space is also an issue – pools are miserably small for large, far ranging animals that would swim up to 50 miles a day in the wild. The shallow waters expose dolphins’ delicate skin to painful sunburns."
"By withholding food, some trainers coerce dolphins into repetitive and unnatural behaviours, performing ‘tricks’ for the public. Hunger forces the dolphins to ignore their most basic natural instincts. They are even trained to beach themselves, despite the danger of doing so.
Visitors don’t always realise that the much promoted dolphin ‘smile’ does not reflect of their emotional state. It is simply the shape of their mouths."

"The number of captive dolphin attractions in the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America is growing.They create a demand for live dolphins, most of which are taken from wild populations during bloody hunts. In many dolphin hunts, including those in Japan, the hundreds of animals not selected for live sale are butchered inhumanely for meat.
Many dolphins do not survive the trauma of capture. Of those that do, 53% die within three months of confinement. Captive dolphins also suffer and die from intestinal disease, stress-related illness and chlorine poisoning."

Source: "Plight of the captive dolphins" at
How can you help dolphins? 1. Do not visit aquariums or shopping centers where dolphins are held captive.
2.Contact aquariums in your area and voice your dispproval with their view of how sea animals should live:as entertainment for humans!
3.Become a member of an organization devoted to wildlife or dolphins.There are many such organizations in this World with people who share a love of animals with you and who work to expose animal abuse and animal exploration for profit. Volunteer or donate funds to help these organizations do their important work.

4.Contact your local,regional and national governments (wildlife agencies or Departments) and demand that these elected officials act to stop the exploration and  capturing of animals for human entertainment purposes.

To end this blog post  I would like to provide you with a message from one of the World's most famous  explorers, one of its best ecologists,  filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. Jacques Cousteau (pictured above)  Cousteau lived from 11 June 1910  until 25 June 1997):

"There is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary confinement". ~ Jacques Cousteau

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