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Thursday, October 21, 2010

How intelligent are sharks? They may use math to hunt!!

Some people in this world, even scientific experts  may have come to view sharks as not being as smart as they really are. This is due to false and erroneous information which has been integrated into our minds by the World's media.  Now however, there is new scientific evidence that  suggest sharks actually use mathematics when they are hunting for their dinner!! . This scientific  evidence has been reported at the website.

The scientific study was reported online June 9 in Nature, "is the latest aiming to show whether animals sometimes move in a pattern called a Lévy walk.
s sometimes move in a pattern called a Lévy walk.""

"Unlike random motion — in which animals take similar-sized steps in any direction, like a drunk stumbling around — Lévy walks are punctuated by rare, long forays in any direction. Draw a Lévy walk on a graph, and its squiggly pattern echoes a fractal, the mathematical phenomenon whose shape remains similar no matter the viewing scale."

“Living organisms, when allowed to make freely willed decisions, seem to end up obeying some kind of mathematical law,” says Gandhimohan Viswanathan, a theoretical physicist at the Federal University of Alagoas in Maceió, Brazil, who was not involved in the study."

 "David Sims, (a researcher at the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom in Plymouth) and his colleagues  say they have firm evidence for Lévy behavior in 14 species of open-ocean marine predators, including tuna, swordfish, marlin and sharks (although not great whites). The key is the sheer amount of data, on depth and location, gathered by electronic tags, says Sims. His group collected more than 12 million data points describing how the animals swam in the ocean over 5,700 days."

"Many of the animals displayed Lévy behavior at least some of the time, Sims and his colleagues report — “the strongest evidence yet that these Lévy patterns are exhibited by wild animals,” he says. Lévy behavior showed up more often in waters where plankton, fish and other food was scarce. In regions with plentiful food, random motion dominated. This observation, says Viswanathan, fits with earlier suggestions that “animals may use a Lévy flight motion to improve their chances of finding prey.”

Apparently some scientists are not as open to this hypothesis that sharks use math to hunt.One scientist  "Simon Benhamou, an ecologist at the National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS, in Montpellier, France, hasn’t analyzed the new marine data but says that statistical errors can often suggest Lévy behavior where it doesn’t exist. Benhamou also argues that Lévy pattern studies wrongly assume that predators are “fully stupid, unable to process information and act accordingly” as their environment changes."

This last paragraph suggests we will have to wait until more research is done on sharks to see if this finding about sharks using math to hunt can be replicated in another study of  these amazing animals.


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