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Sunday, August 1, 2010

CBC News - World - Montana grizzly attack cubs malnourished

A grizzly sow responsible for mauling one camper to death and injuring two others near Yellowstone National Park was euthanized.
(Source of image: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department/Associated Press)

How sad that a mother grizzly bear attacked and killed Kevin Kammer, 48, of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
 when the adult bear ripped into several tents Wednesday at the Soda Creek Campground near
 Cooke City, an old mining town just outside Yellowstone National Park. The mother and her
cubs were apparently malnourished when they were inspected by scientists. This is apparently why the mother attacked and killed Mr. Kammer.Wildlife officials  decided to euthanize the mother bear,
believing since it killed Mr. Kammer it might kill again in search of human food sources.
 The question is why this is so?

In regards to this mother and its cubs I found the following statement:
"The year-old cubs each weighed only between 60 and 70 pounds, versus a normal
 range of 80 to 130 pounds. Wildlife officials are investigating what caused the 
cubs to be malnourished. Grizzlies are omnivores and eat everything from berries and 
ants to fish and elk." (source:
discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x8861180 )

One hypothesis which scientists have elicited in the past concerning such bears is  that the mother
 may have come to rely upon humans for its food,rather than being able to use its own resources
 and learning from its mother in order to live independently in the region. For instance if the bear was
taught by its mother to rely upon human garbage dumps for sustenance and then these sources
are no longer in existence because of policy changes by humans,then these bears have difficult times
using traditional food sources such as hunting and eating available food such as berries and  roots,
because they never learned to do so by their mothers.

 "Wildlife officials say the
 cubs likely participated in the attack on Kammer, and so cannot be released back into the wild
because they probably learned from their mother's behaviour." Another reason is that traditional
food sources which grizzly's have relied upon are for some reason, disappeared
(see the following articles:
british-columbia/grizzlies-starve-as-salmon-disappear/article1279874/  and

In Canada, starving grizzly bears have been found and their condition has been attributed to the fact
that salmon stocks have diminished so greatly. As stated in a news article I found at:
" Bears would not starve so quickly because of the decline in salmon while there were
 other food sources, such as berries, around, Sterling Miller told reporters. He said the
 long-term impact of the salmon decline on bears was a serious issue, but several years
 of data would need to be compiled to reveal a change in population trends."

"A report released last week showed species numbers to have fallen dramatically in the
 province of Alberta, where local officials have decided to suspend the annual hunting
season despite intense lobbying from hunters. "There's no question that bears are worse
 off now than 20 years ago – both in numbers and range," said Jim Pissot, of the group
Defenders of Wildlife."
 I found the following statement:
"For two decades, the salmon shortage has been a growing problem, both for bears and the region's 
Oweekeno Indian Nation, (in British Columbia, Canada)  which depend on the fish for food.
Environmentalists say the shortage results from overfishing and logging practices that 
allow mud to run into streams."I think it's clear that it's more than a coincidence that large-scale 
industrial over-cutting in that area has played a role in the decline of the salmon resource," Foulton said.

So once again we see the behavior of the human species causing problems for another species of life!

Here is a video I found about this terrible situation:

Read more:

I wonder  why steel enclosures which would allow campers to camp in safety away from the threat of
grizzly bear attack at night are not made available in all areas where grizzly bears and humans might
interact? I have heard that such enclosures exist in some national parks in the United States.

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