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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back off China and Russia!

The Chinese have indicated that because they have 20% of the World's 
population they are entitled to 20% of the oil found in the Arctic! I 
say, Good luck in getting it! What gives the Chinese a right to suggest that any of
the oil in the Arctic is the their's??How much money have the Chinese contributed to
 finding oil in the Arctic? Why should they get 20% of the area's oil when they have not aided in the drilling and research costs relating to finding and extracting the oil in the Arctic? If the Chinese are
entitled to 20% of the Oil found in the arctic than Canada is entitled to its share of the oil
in territory which China claims as its own.

Instead of demanding oil that may not legally be theirs, why doesn't the Chinese Government think of ways to cut back  on their consumption of oil! Look at how much oil the people in China use:


"In China, demand for oil is grew at 2.7% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) during the 1980’s and increased to 7.6% in the 1990’s. Since 2001, the demand for oil in China is growing at an 8.1% CAGR over the last five years. The strong demand for oil from China is remains unabated and is driven by growing motor vehicle usage. In nine years, at its current growth rate, China’s oil consumption will exceed the level of oil consumption the U.S. had in 1991 and in twelve years exceed our current level."
-alternative-energy/historic-energy.html )  "At current current production rates China's oil reserves  
are likely to last for less than two decades!! (source:

I suggest it is time for China to invest money in public tranportation and in finding alternative
source of energy besides oil!

 And  now this week we hear that  Russian Bomber had to be escorted
out of air space near Canada the other day by Canadian jets which had to be scrambled from their bases.
Ottawa had not received any warning that the Russian aircraft would be coming close to Canadian territory, as is always requested.

Why are the Chinese and the Russians acting so aggressively?
What if this aggression leads to an unfortunate incident which involves the loss of life of residents of our planet?  World Wars have been started by incidents like these. How should Canada and
 her allies respond to this aggressive behavior of the Chinese and the Russians?
 If diplomatic actions on the part of Canada are not effective then what should our Government do in
regards to the happenings of this week?

"Russia and Canada are competing with The United States, Norway, and Denmark 
(through Greenland) to claim the wealth of resources in the frozen territory"(source: The politicians
of these countries better come to some sort of  agreement as to how to determine where the boundaries
of one country begin and end up North, otherwise I fear the aggressive actions of the Russians and
the threats of the Chinese may lead to a serious military confrontation up there in the near future!

"Canada's claim to its North rests first on the charter granted to the HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY by Charles II in 1670, giving the company title to RUPERT'S LAND (the watershed of Hudson Bay, or about half of present-day Canada). To this in 1821 was added the rest of the present-day Northwest Territories and Nunavut south of the arctic coast. Thus when in June 1870 the HBC transferred title to its lands to Canada, the new Dominion acquired sovereignty over all of the present-day Northwest Territories and Nunavut except for the arctic islands. This sovereignty has never been questioned."

"Where doubt has risen over Canada's claims to arctic sovereignty is in the islands north of the Canadian mainland. Some of the early explorers here were British (Martin FROBISHER, 1576, John DAVIS, 1585 and 1587, and others) but many of these islands were discovered and explored by Scandinavians or Americans. In July 1880 the British government transferred to Canada the rest of its possessions in the Arctic, including "all Islands adjacent to any such Territories" whether discovered or not - a feeble basis for a claim of sovereignty, since the British had a dubious right to give Canada islands which had not yet been discovered, or which had been discovered by foreigners."

 "The first vigorous assertion of Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic came with the establishment of a NWMP post at HERSCHEL ISLAND in 1903; set up to control the activities of American whalers in the Western Arctic, it enforced Canadian laws and showed the flag in the region, making Canada's sovereignty there unquestionable."

"After WWI the Americans and Danes showed signs of ignoring Canada's claims to the High Arctic, particularly to Ellesmere Island, which the Danish government stated in 1919 was a no-man's land. This was a direct challenge to Canada's arctic sovereignty, and was met by a plan for effective occupation of Ellesmere and other islands. In 1922 an RCMP post was established at Craig Harbour and at the south end of the island, and at Pond Inlet on Baffin Island. In 1923 another detachment was placed at Pangnirtung, and in 1924 at Dundas Harbour, on Devon Island. In 1926 the Bache Peninsula detachment was established on the east coast of Ellesmere Island, at 79° N latitude."

" Current controversy arises from 2 causes. First, though Canada's claim to its arctic land area is now secure, the fact that large areas are uninhabited and virtually undefended raises the possibility that it may not be secure forever. Second, and more important, is that there is international consensus only about the land area; the channels and straits - particularly the NORTHWEST PASSAGE - are not universally recognized as Canadian.."

"Canada regards the channels and straits as internal waters through which foreign vessels must request permission to pass. With the prospect of bringing home oil from arctic discoveries off Alaska, the US has increasingly seen them as international waters, open to all, and has demonstrated this belief by sending the oil tankers Manhattan (1969) and the Polar Sea (1985) into Canada's Arctic without permission. There is a legal case to be made on both sides, and Canada has offered to submit the matter to the International Court of Justice." (source:

Why has our Canadian Government during this time been unwilling  to commit itself to the North and its
resources? If ever there were a time to commit to the North and its resources it is now!

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