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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alberta First Nations demand Federal Government protect Caribou

To read an article which discusses why Alberta First Nations demand protection for caribou in Alberta please click on the following link:

Alberta First Nations demand caribou protection from federal government

Source of image:

According to the website:

" Woodland caribou inhabit the boreal forest of northern Alberta and mixed coniferous
 forests and alpine regions of west-central Alberta.Recent assessments estimate that
 Alberta's woodland caribou inhabit about 113,000 square kilometres (43,630 square
 miles) of the northern and west central parts of the province.Caribou distribution has moved 
northward from southern habitat limits where human encroachment has been greatest."

 "In Alberta there are two ecotypes of woodland caribou that differ primarily in their
 migration habits:Mountain ecotype (west-central Alberta) - undertakes long migrations 
of 80 kilometres (50 miles) or more (straight line distance) between its forested foothills
 winter range and mountainous summer range Boreal ecotype - may carry out long
 or short seasonal migrations ranging from 15 to 80 kilometres (9 to 50 miles)
 but remains within forested habitats throughout the year."

 Most important is the following fact: "a caribou cow does not mate or breed 
until she is two-and-a-half years old, and will  usually produce only one calf a year. 
 Caribou productivity is low compared to other members of the deer family, 
which breed at a younger age and often produce twins.
Woodland caribou are classified as At Risk in the General Status of 
Alberta Wild Species report."
"The distribution of Woodland Caribou in Alberta has experienced a reduction due to
 the rapid decrease in their available range-land. As a result of this increasingly shrinking
 range, many populations have been fragmented, particularly in parts of Alberta's
  Rocky Mountains
In an attempt to protect the caribou populations, resource extraction companies such as 
petroleum and natural gas, timber, peat mines are all asked to follow specific
 land-use guidelines for operations within caribou management zones."

"The Alberta Caribou Committee formerly known as the Boreal Caribou
 Committee (BCC)  is a community of Government, Industrial, and Academic
 partners. Together, they have worked for over a decade to integrate
 industrial activities in northern Alberta with the  conservation of caribou
 and caribou habitat." The Committee's official website is at:

Clearly, if caribou populations in Alberta have experienced a decline, this is bad news not only
for the caribou but also for the species which are predators of the caribou,:such as wolves and bears.
The Federal Government of Canada and the Government of the Province of Alberta need to listen
to what the Alberta First Nations are saying about the Caribou in our province!!

To see a map which outlines boundaries created to preserve Alberta Caribou click on the 
following link: 
(you need a program installed on your computer which can read PDF files)

What I find really alarming about the caribou is the fact that the  it seems
that the Alberta Government has no reliable and up-to-date information
concerning population levels of caribou in our province.
You will understand what I mean when you see how dated research data in the
 following document:

In addition, no Government of Alberta data exists relating to population levels of Caribou in our
Province for the years 2009-2010. Why is this? The latest data is found in this document online:

Here is a  short but very informative video I found at
Teachertube concerning Alberta Caribou:
___Alberta_Tomorrow&video_id=76858 )

At least the Government of  Alberta has created an  Alberta Caribou recovery plan in 2004
which covers management of the caribou for the years 2004-2011 (which you can read in PDF
form by clicking on the following link):

However, what about the Government of Canada? I found the following website which may 
interest you:

What is really disturbing about the Government of Canada's reaction to this situation with
Canada's caribou is the following:

"Environment Canada assembled some of the world's top woodland-caribou scientists
 for advice on the habitat needed to save the threatened animals,
 and then it rejected their suggestions!!."
"The scientists' conclusions, released in a report last week, say that development should
 be tightly controlled in about half the northern boreal forest, to give caribou a better shot at
 long-term survival. The report also estimated that 30 of Canada's 57 woodland-caribou
 populations have shrunk to such low levels they are probably no longer self-sustaining.
In response, Environment Canada added an unsigned preface, or qualifier, to the report,
saying the scientists didn't provide enough information on how much caribou habitat can be
disturbed through development to still maintain sustainable herds. The department said it will
study the issue until December, 2010, effectively putting off for several years any formal plans
 to protect the species."
(source: )

The Government of Canada needs to get its act together quickly if the caribou of our country
are going to be saved from becoming extinct!

What role do caribou play in the ecosystem? To learn about their role please visit the following
"Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize
that money cannot be eaten."

- Cree Indian Prophecy

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