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Friday, May 21, 2010

The In Situ Oil Sands Report Card

The Pembina Institute has published a report card which looks at how environmentally friendly
in-situ oil sands development is within the Province of Alberta. According to the document
entitled "The In Situ Oil Sands Report Card", which can be read in pdf form at the following

"About one-fifth of Alberta is available for an environmentally intense form of oil sands development
known as in situ, or “in place,” extraction. The in situ process involves drilling several wells into
the oil sands deposit, and then heating the oil sands underground using high-temperature steam so the
bitumen can flow to a well and be pumped to the surface." In a new report by the Pembina Institute
entitled, "Drilling Deeper", these experts  "compared in situ projects on 17 environmental indicators

grouped in five categories: general environmental management, land, air emissions, water and
 climate change."

"The highest-scoring projects in the survey were Suncor’s Firebag, with 60%, and Cenovus’s
Foster Creek, with 57%. Canadian Natural’s Primrose/Wolf Lake project received the lowest score of 25%."

As far as  I am concerned this is a shocking revelation concerning these projects.If the best this industry
can do is score 60% on an evaluation and the worst score they had is 25% what does this say
about these projects and the organizations running them??

The report continues by stating the following:

"Very few in situ operators have established absolute reduction targets for air emissions, water use and greenhouse gas emissions that go beyond regulated requirements. No project received full points on these indicators."
• "Aside from a modest commitment from Suncor, no company invested in biodiversity offsets to compensate for the terrestrial impacts associated the development of its facility.
• Only two companies (Imperial Oil and Shell) have third-party accredited environmental management systems.
• Only three companies (Suncor, Cenovus and Shell) financially support the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute and its province-wide biodiversity monitoring program."

"On average, in situ projects have higher greenhouse gas and sulphur dioxide emission intensities than mining. This means that in situ projects contribute more to climate change and acid deposition per barrel of bitumen produced than oil sands mining. Some in situ projects also have higher total water use intensities than the average for mining.
When the land disturbance and fragmentation effects associated with natural gas production are considered, the influence on wildlife habitat of in situ operations can reach levels that are equal to and sometimes greater than mining."

It is nice to know that someone is watching the Government of Alberta and these
In-Situ Oil Sands companies to ensure that the health of the wildlife and the health of humans
 in these areas where oil sands development is occurring is not being adversely affected!

These projects have a long way to go to ensure that their activity is not hazardous to life in Alberta,
and to the companies with these in situ projects, all I can say is your behavior as a company is
being watched!

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