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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Translation of GM Shipov's prediction for Anand-Topalov WC Match

Here is a rough translation of the GM Sergei Shipov view regarding the Anand-Topalov World Chess Championship match:This translation was done by a translation tool I have associated with the "Google Chrome" web browser which I use on my computer:enjoy!

A look at the championship match commentator Anand - Topalov

Diophantus Riddle
Matches for the World Chess Championship - historical events. They determine the stages in the development of chess, as well as the boundary epochs, during the reign of the famous champions.
The upcoming match in Sofia, generating great interest among specialists and ardent lovers of chess. That is, the general public, he is unlikely to be interested. Nisha universal interest taken legendary champion Karpov and Kasparov, who will play in Sofia not. And Anand with Topalov - the player's actions, is widely popular only in narrow circles. To capture and bring the whole world knows what chess, current forms of chess life and current means of self-promotion is not enough. Well, this big a topic for separate discussion ...

Of course, all interested in the most important question: who will win? 
It would seem, on the hands have all the data. Compete with two experienced players that have played hundreds of parties, and dozens - among themselves (in my data, "9" in favor of Anand in 87 batches with different control). Their style, strengths and weaknesses, and typical reactions to those or other circumstances of the struggle - all this is well known. However, to predict the outcome still impossible as long and, by definition, secret preparations for such a serious match of each, even the familiar world, Grandmaster makes a man-a mystery. Nobody knows what's debut strata theory they were able to raise before the match, what quality and value innovation debut managed to cook in which physical and psychological condition of the men approached the beginning of the struggle. Get one equation with two unknowns. And from ancient times is known that one solution does not have.
Viswanathan Anand - Mister X

Chess Player harmonious, versatile, practical. Playing is easy, is not inclined to put a super-where you can do the minimum means. Very flexible, able to vary the style of the game debuts. Brilliant defender. He has extensive experience in a match fight. He played with Kasparov and Karpov - a school not replace any classes.
Veselin Topalov - Mr Y Authority

Chess Player aggressive, energetic, loves and knows how to overcome the insurmountable obstacles. No sense of fear in principle. Always puts pressure on rival in the style of Kasparov. Of course, yields great predecessor as a chess school, but knows how to bluff. Playing in full gear, and when others play boring. Knows how to keep concentration at unbelievable even for supergrossmeysterov levels.
Description of the players and their inevitable comparisons can be reduced to one sentence:
Anand - a class player, Topalov - more vigorous and hardy.
We conclude that determine X for the solution of the equation is more important than Y Authority. If Anand will be able to reach its peak, when to prepare all components at the level of, say, the Bonn match with Kramnik (2008), he will be able to control the match. Almost all will depend on himself, no matter how well prepared was Topalov.
But if you only knew how difficult it is! Do not forget that the Indian champion has already barred on the watch of the fifth decade. That is a serious handicap gives more young Bulgarian contender.
The format of the match - 12 games, plus the rapid and blitz in the case of a draw account. This is an extremely, and I would even say - extremely short distance to fight for the highest title. It turns out that the final result depends on who the first cause a good ball in the opponent's weak debut . Remember how Anand couple of years ago in Bonn was in meranskoe solar plexus Kramnik? The effect was so strong that Vladimir, in fact, no longer able, no time to get back to full growth before the end of confrontation. The outcome of the match was a foregone conclusion.
The logical conclusion from the sad history, in my opinion, would be a very prudent strategy of players in the debut of the beginning of this match. It is unlikely that they would immediately rush into the thick of relevant, risky, computer essentially options, in which any analytical error can be fatal. That is, it will only happen if it is full of confidence as a result of analytical work. And if there is any doubt - it probably will not be presented to the opponent at once. Given the difference in opponents in the game temperament presume that Anand is sure to be cautious, but Topalov - be cautious as far as he was capable of! After all, we know that his "care" can look the part as amazing courage!
I will say a few words about Sofia rules , that is to ban the peace talks in gaming regulations - it is known that the Bulgarian side is trying to legislate this point in the regulation match. What does that mean? In the battle for the supreme title of forcing opponents to play those positions in which they are willing and able to accept a draw? To risk the outcome of sports with the highest prize at stake for the sake of the desire to hold high-ranking guests in the auditorium for an hour longer?
The initiative, at least, not appropriate. In my opinion, just ridiculous! Such concern for the audience logical in a friendly match and a maximum in supertournament. A champion in a loop, and even more so in the final championship of the world is useless. It is necessary to allow rivals to build their strategy and tactics Match struggle as they deem necessary - that in itself is very interesting for lovers of chess. And we, the spectators and commentators, will not stay a loser anyway. The significance of the match and the highest voltage will allow us to savor every move, every decision of his rivals. Interest in the fight is guaranteed, and the pleasure of stuffing chess, I think, too, can be obtained without any artificial judicial decisions.
However, Topalov has already said he intends to create a "Sophia" nature of the struggle, and without points of the rules. That is, it will play all the way to any position and will not conduct peace talks. Here is his sacred right! I respect the determination and spirit chess matador. Let everyone operates under the rules and he makes decisions in every moment of the Party, without influence from ...
What is my personal prediction for the match? A year ago, I estimated the chances as 51-49 in favor of Anand. Now changed to 51-49 in favor of Topalov. Do not ask why. So ... thought. That is, if you call a spade a spade and not to make a fictional molehill, then the chances are equal rivals . All will decide the nuances of which part is impossible to judge in advance.
I look forward to the match an interesting fight and quality chess pieces. I really hope that the word "cheating", "toilet", "protest", "appeal" and others, will not appear in our coverage of the story - which, of course, depends only on the participants of the match and their environment.
I wish all the viewers, to all lovers of chess art pleasant viewing a match!

And let you know who will win.

Sergei Shipov (born April 17, 1966 in Murom) is a Russian chess grandmaster with a peak FIDE rating of 2662 (#23 in the world on the January 1999 list), chess journalist and author.

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