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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nova Scotia offers subsidy to cut coyote population:this is so wrong!!!!

"Responding to public concerns about aggressive coyotes, Nova Scotia will offer trappers a subsidy that could reduce the province's population of the animal by as much as 50 per cent.
Minister of Natural Resources John MacDonell announced the measure Thursday as part of a broader plan to reduce the risk of coyote attacks."


I did some research concerning the population level of coyotes in Nova Scotia at the present time, and it seems that politicians are not aware of the facts! At least one politician that is, Nova Scotia Minister of Natural Resources John MacDonell. I say this because at the  the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia's own website at:  I found the following :

"Is the population of coyotes in Nova Scotia increasing?
The population of coyotes in the province is stable. See graph for harvest and complaint data."

Nuisance complaints include all reports from sightings up to human interaction

How many people have been attacked by coyotes?
There are 3 records since 1995 of people bitten or attacked in Nova Scotia.

Once again it seems a politician has made a decision to satisfy the demands of certain members of
the population in his or her province, rather than basing the decision upon sound scientific data! If only three people have been attacked by coyotes in all this  time, is that sufficient grounds for reducing the population
of coyotes in Nova Scotia? Hardly I say!  This is really an issue concerning the fact that coyotes have
become a nuisance because the balance of nature has been so badly disrupted my members of the human
species in Nova Scotia, that there are now more coyotes in the province than ever! Who is responsible
for this problem?? We humans are, by altering the balance of nature in Nova Scotia so badly, that now the
natural predators of the coyote no longer exist or hardly exist in the province!

This statement I found at the above-mentioned website is very interesting:

"Why are coyotes also found in urban areas? Have we invaded their home?
Coyotes are a relatively new species to Nova Scotia. These animals are very adaptable, and will live in and near human settlements, including urban areas"

Coyotes are a new species in Nova Scotia, and already some humans in the province have a problem with  them!  Why should the fact that these animals are adaptable by nature, be a reason for reducing their population in Nova Scotia?

I find this next statement very disturbing:

"Is there a season for hunting coyote?
Coyotes are classed as other harvestable wildlife and can be shot year round with no bag limit. However coyotes may only be trapped by licensed furharvesters during the trapping season which starts October 15th and ends March 31st."
If all the hunters in Nova Scotia suddenly go out and shoot coyotes indiscriminately what is going to happen to all of the species which the coyote feed on, species which are viewed by many humans as more of a "pest" than the coyotes themselves, I am referring to mice and other animal species like mice!

Is this offering of subsidy's for coyotes in Nova Scotia linked to this incident??? I wonder!!!

Coyotes kill Toronto singer in Cape Breton

Park official says 1 coyote dead, staff looking for 2nd animal

Last Updated: Thursday, October 29, 2009 | 12:48 AM AT 

Taylor Mitchell, a 19-year-old folk singer from Toronto, was on 
tour in the Maritimes. Taylor Mitchell, a 19-year-old folk singer from Toronto, was on tour in the Maritimes. (Eric Thom)A 19-year-old folk singer from Toronto has died after being attacked by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
Taylor Josephine Stephanie Luciow, who went by the stage name Taylor Mitchell, died overnight at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. She had been on tour in the Maritimes.
Mitchell was hiking on the Skyline Trail when she was attacked Tuesday afternoon. She was taken to the hospital in Cheticamp, then airlifted to Halifax in critical condition.
Park officials said Mitchell was walking the trail alone. They said other hikers managed to scare off the coyotes and call 911.

It is a tragedy that Taylor Mitchell lost her life, however no one knows exactly what the circumstances of
this attack were, we have no idea what caused the coyotes to attack Miss Luciow. What if she was at least
partially responsible for this attack?  It appears because of this attack, now all coyotes in Nova Scotia are fair game for hunters!

According to the website:

"There are few animals in North America that have undergone more extensive persecution than the coyote. Humans have pursued coyotes since the time of European settlement of this continent in an effort to eradicate them due to their perceived negative impact on agricultural activity, such as sheep farming. Despite all attempts to exterminate this fascinating animal, the coyote remains a steadfast resident of our ecosystem. Today in our modern cities and suburban rural areas, coyotes continue to be the victims of bad publicity and general ignorance. If we take the time to appreciate the unique and important role that coyotes play in our environment, perhaps more people would make the choice to co-exist peacefully with them and fewer would call for their elimination."

How interesting that in one part of Canada coyotes are viewed as the victims of human behavior and in another part of Canada it is humans who are being viewed as victims of coyote behavior!!!

These are the scientific facts about the coyote:

"Diet. The coyote is primarily a flesh-eater but will eat just about anything available. Coyotes eat small rodents, rabbits, hares, insects and blueberries and other wild fruits in summer and fall. Coyotes will also eat carrion and may prey on fawns, adult deer and other large hoofed mammals during certain snow conditions in winter. If available, coyotes may eat domestic livestock such as sheep. "

Instead of focusing on  the behavior of the coyotes I assert that Minister of Natural Resources John MacDonell  should be focusing on human behavior which is more responsible for this present
situation in Nova Scotia, that the behavior of the coyotes!! I suggest that he should read the following statements which are at

Why do some people think poorly of coyotes?

For a variety of reasons, the known presence of coyotes raises alarm in both urban and rural areas. In cities, the sight of a coyote creates a sense of panic among people who are afraid that the animal will attack domestic pets or small children. In rare cases, coyotes have injured children or killed domestic animals, however, there are generally extenuating circumstances surrounding the event. In these cases, it is important to recognize that these are the specific actions of an individual animal - not the entire species.
In farming communities coyotes are a traditional enemy and are often blamed for the loss of livestock. Although coyotes are opportunistic hunters, and will eat farm animals if they are readily available, their diet is composed mainly of rodents. There are also simple steps that farmers can take in order to discourage coyotes from preying on agricultural animals. 

How can I prevent/deter coyotes from taking up residence at my property?

Coyotes are adaptable and opportunistic, so the main way to avoid coyote conflicts is to proactively take steps so that they are not attracted to your home in the first place:

  • Dispose of garbage in secure containers that cannot be opened by wildlife
  • Do not leave garbage or food waste outside in accessible areas
  • Use securely enclosed compost bins and do not dispose of meat, dairy, or egg products in compost
  • If you have fruit trees, pick fruit as soon as it is ripe and remove any fallen fruit from the ground
  • Consider installing outdoor lights that are motion activated
  • Clear away bushes or weeds close to your home where animals might seek cover 

It is the  human residents of  Nova Scotia who should be asked to change their behavior in Nova Scotia, we can't expect the behavior of the coyote to change all that much can we???

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