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Monday, April 19, 2010

British Columbia's Premier green lights Peace Dam

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 19 (UPI) -- British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell announced Monday the government will go ahead with plans to build a $6.6 billion hydroelectric dam on the Peace River.
The 900-megawatt W.A.C. Bennett Dam project near Hudson's Hope is expected to create 35,000 direct and indirect jobs by the time it is completed in 2020, The Vancouver Sun reported. It has yet to pass required environmental assessments and could face court challenges, as well, the newspaper said.
Campbell said in a release the dam will produce "clean, renewable and affordable power" and "will ensure that British Columbia has reliable sources of clean electricity while contributing to our goal of electricity self-sufficiency."

Critics of this project  indicate "the dam is anything but environmentally friendly."

"The Sierra Club of B.C. called the decision to move ahead with the project "misguided," and said the project fails to meet minimum international standards for large dam construction.
Sierra director George Heyman said the construction could substantially increase B.C.'s carbon emissions.
The government can also expect stiff opposition from some local First Nations, who say they're "outraged" by the decision.
"Treaty 8 First Nations continue to be frustrated with British Columbia's disregard of their treaty rights when it comes to cumulative impacts of resource development," said Chief Liz Logan in a news release.
She said the government is moving forward without even addressing past infringements of their rights in the construction of the two other dams on the Peace River.
Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nation called the entire process a "farce," and said the government hadn't finished the second stage of the development process, so he doesn't know how it can go ahead to the third.
Willson said First Nations in the area haven't seen studies on land use, wildlife, the fishery or the cultural significance of the region, and the process can't move on to environmental assessments without that work.
"The Peace River is one of the biggest known archeological sites in Canada. The whole river system was the corridor and highways for First Nations around here," he said.
In January, four decades after the Tsay Keh Dene First Nation was flooded out by the nearby W.A.C. Bennett dam, the band received compensation.
The Liberal government and B.C. Hydro agreed to pay the Tsay Keh Dene a one-time payment of $20.9 million and annual payments of $2 million for as long as power is produced at the facility."


Premier Campbell, I ask you, What is this dam does not pass the required environmental assessments?
You are going ahead with the third stage of this dam project, without the first two stages having received passing environmental assessments. Why the rush, and what are you going to do if the dam does not pass the environmental inspection?

Here is where the Dam is situated: (source of map: )

According to this article

"The West Moberly First Nation, although they have an aboriginal right to harvest fish year-round
from the Williston reservoir behind W.A.C. Bennett Dam, the trout
and other species that teem there are contaminated by mercury -- and
there's a health advisory recommending only limited consumption of
those fish"

"The mercury is leaching out of trees that were not logged before
the 70,000-square-kilometre Williston watershed -- the largest body
of water in the province -- was flooded in 1966".

"West Moberly members haven't seen herds of woodland caribou in
their traditional territory since the Williston flood made it
impossible for this once-critical food source to migrate into the
southeast corner of the Peace River drainage."

At the website

I found these statements:

The release said that Site C construction will be subject to regulatory approvals and "ensuring that the crown's constitutional duties to first nations are met."

"The regulatory reviews are expected to take about two years."
In two years many, many  of things can happen to the area around the dam, the people and the animals and the vegetation.Once again in this world,  a politician has been found, in this case his name is Gordon Campbell, a politician  who is putting his own agenda ahead of the agendas of the rest of the population and the rest of the living things in the area where this dam is located! Why does he have the right to do this?

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