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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Analysis of Socko-Stefanova, Russian Team Chess Championship round 4

I have analyzed another chess game. This game comes from the current Russian
Women's Team Chess Championship and is between Grandmaster Monika Socko of Poland (on left above)
and Grandmaster Antoneta Stefanova of Bulgaria (pictured on right above). This game becomes game number 38 in the Chessviewer Deluxe game database below on the first page of my
blog. I found this game to be extremely interesting to play through
and annotate and I hope you find it as interesting as I did.Biographical
information concerning the two players is included in the game analysis. I allowed the World's strongest chess program, Deep Rybka 3 on my quad core computer to analyze the game for one hour,then I included my own annotations. Enjoy!

Source of photo of Monika Socko (on left)
Source of photo of Antoneta Stefanova (on right):


Mr_Toad said...

All new and instructive to me. 8...Qc7 does indeed represent a lost tempo yet it leads to the rather ugly move 10.g3. White perhaps postpones the development of the king's bishop as this would lose a tempo after dxc4.

14.Bd3 seemed strange to me (biting on granite) - then I realised it was far-sighted! Perhaps I'm wrong but shouldn't the players names be switched in the following comment at Black's 29th move?

What do you think of 38.Qe8+ Ke7 39.Qe5+ Qxe5 40.fxe5 - for me, this seems good for White.

Anyway, really nice game and I am very grateful to you for the very sound commentary.

Wayne said...

Hi Mr Toad. According to my database, 8...Qc7 is the most popular continuation. However, the second most popular move is 8...Qb6.If she had played 8...Qb6,then of course it might have been Socko who would lose the tempo, if she decided she did not want to exchange queens so early in the game
(and she moved her queen so the exchange of queens could not occur). You are right about 10.g3 being an ugly move.It is more common for white to continue with the developing move 10.Bd2. Only 28 games are in the database for this position.That is hardly enough in my opinion to know what is the best idea for white on move 10. What would you play on move 10? Three of my chess engines prefer to play 10.cxd5, three prefer to play 10.Bd2,so they are not much help. If I were playing this position and it were my tenth move with white, I would be thinking of completing the development of my minor pieces before anything with 10.Bd2 or 10.Be2 or 10.Bd3 (the latter however runs into 10...dxc4 and then both the white queen and light-squared bishop are awkwardly placed,so I think this fact would make me disregard it as a possible 10th move).
I agree with your comment regarding 14.Bd3,it sure does seem odd to put the bishop there.

In regards to the comment after Stefanova's 29th move. If you count the pieces and pawns you will discover that Stefanova has 26 points in material left and Socko has 24 points left:

Stefanova:Queen: 9 points,2 rooks+5+5=10 points, 1 bishop=3 points, and 4 pawns =26 points in material

Socko:Queen:9 points, 1 rook:5 points, 1 bishop: 3 points and 7 pawns =24 points which means that Stefanova is up 2 points in material or 2 pawns.

In regards to your last comment and variation. When I look at the position, 38.Qe8+ is not possible. Do you mean 38.Qc8 check? If you do then after 38.Qc8+?? Kg7 white is checkmated in a few moves.

Thanks for taking the time to go through the game and my analysis. I am glad you enjoyed the game and my commentary. There will be more to come when I have the time and I find games which I feel are instructive.

Your toadtryout page is certainly one of the most interesting and imaginative I have ever seen online. I wish you all the best with your business. You certainly are generous to give clients a free tryout, and I am sure they will be very happy with the service and product you provide them. Take care and I hope we talk again soon.

Mr_Toad said...

Thanks muchly!

1. You ask me "What would you play on move 10?". I'll fudge the question for a moment and say that I would never play into such a position! I hate the move 6.Nh4 - played in spite of bishop's being on their original squares. It seems a beginner's move to me. Of course it's nice to have this move available at a later stage, perhaps when the problem of the h2 pawn has faded. 4.Be2 or 4.Bd3 seem far more to the point - then castles K-side.

I would also criticise 7.f3 which weakens the K-side pawns and allows the possibility of Qxh4 in some lines. And yes, you guessed it - Qb3 strikes me as completely ... "irresponsible", if such a description can be used in a chess context! It's a cheap hit which leaves both N and Q on the flanks, doing zilch.

OK, now for move 10. Limited options as h3 and f4 both leave big holes in the position. My answer then is that, IMHO, the ugly move 10.g3 is the only viable option - if the h2 pawn falls the game is completely lost.

Yep, you're right about my arithmetic being wrong wrt my comment about Black's 29th. My excuse is that I'm a retired Maths teacher and it's well known that mathematician's cannot actually count :)

Apologies for misleading you with my suggestion of 38.Qe8+ which was a continuation of the variation at 34.Rd1 Rh2 35.Qb4 Ke7 36.e4 fxe4 37.Qe4+ Kf8 (I'm not used to software which provides such variations, so I got a bit lost, sorry).

Mr_Toad said...

I was naturally delighted with your comment about Toad Tryouts, thx so much :)

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Unfortunately I have not been able to get backlinks for this particular site, nor have I found it easy to introduce fresh material. Guess I'll have to write some articles relating to the services I'm offering, yes?

Possibly the concept is OK, but the SEO problem is holding things up. Any advice you can offer will be most greatfully received of course.

Wayne said...

Hi Again Mr. Toad. I just looked at the position on move 10 for white and for the first time I noticed that White's h-pawn is double-attacked an enprise LOL. I have looked again at my database and another move which has been tried on move 10 is 10.f3. I think I would be playing that move in this position or the move 10.h3 (I am a very materialistic player, especially relating to the loss of my footsoldiers...the pawns. "The pawns are the soul of chess"-Philidor. LOL).

I understand what you are saying about the move 7.f3, I am also one who does not like to disturb the pawn structure in front of my king. I would like to play a move like 8.Bf3, because of the nasty influence of the black light-squared bishop into the white position. I think I would be playing 10.cxd5 and after 10...Nxd5 play 11.e4 However if Black were to play 10..pawn takes on d5 I would have to really think about what to do.I think the white king would be safest in the center.

LOL regarding your comment that Math teachers can't count. I am laughing because I think one of my best qualities is my ability to write, and I can't spell worth anything LOL. Thank goodness for spellcheckers LOL.

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