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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bluefin Tuna: a necessary trade ban

"This month a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in Doha, Qatar, is slated to consider a proposal to ban all commercial trade of the Northern bluefin, Thunnus thynnus, grouping it with megafauna superstars such as the white rhino and the Asian elephant. Japan imports about 80 percent of the total bluefin catch in the Atlantic and Mediter ranean, even as those stocks have plummeted to such paltry levels that many scientists speculate that the fish could be headed for extinction.
Never before has such a commercially important animal been subject to an international trade ban, and proponents have braced for furious opposition. To qualify for a complete trade ban, CITES requires that the  population of a species must have declined to less than about 20 percent of its historic population size or have suffered from an extremely high recent rate of decline. And although it is no simple task to measure the total size of a population that wanders from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Mexico over its decades-long life span, recent scientific committees organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) agree that the Northern bluefin  meets the criteria."

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This situation shows what happens when selfish and ignorant members of the human race  or selfish groups of humans think they can do anything they want to in our world. Overfishing the Northern bluefin to the brink of extinction, will only damage the already frail balance of nature in the world's oceans.

According to the link:

"The United States has now  calling for a ban on the international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, hoping to save the species prized for sushi."
"Atlantic bluefin tuna are also notable because of their incredibly high market value, which is largely driven by the demand for bluefin tuna sushi."
“The major reason it’s difficult to deal with the Atlantic bluefin is that it becomes a question of would you like this fish or a new car,” Powers said.
"Indeed, bluefin tuna have been known to fetch prices of $40,000 and higher per fish, particularly in the key market of Japan."
"The prospects for the possible recovery of Atlantic bluefin tuna look grim, ...Currently, the United States is not able to find enough fish to meet its relatively low yearly catch quota, leading some to suggest that the Eastern Atlantic stocks have alerady been greatly depleted. The stocks in the Western Atlantic and Mediterranean are not much better off, and the European Union — which is trying to expand catch quotas — is currently combating various NGOs that promote conservation."


"Bluefin Tuna " have fallen drastically, declining in the Western Atlantic by 80 percent from 1970 until the year 2009.This is why the  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)  are considering a proposal to ban all commercial trade of the Northern bluefin"

 According to the website: , " overfishing throughout their range has driven their numbers to critically low levels. Some populations of bluefin tuna are thought be extinct and others are critically endangered."
"Compared to other fish, the bluefin take a relatively long time to reach maturity and grow slowly as juveniles. Because of their slow growth rates, it takes longer to detect population changes and to identify overfishing, which .... exacerbates the danger to this species." source:   Instead of opposing a ban on Bluefina Tuna why  isn't the Government of Canada addressing the key aspect of this situation: the overfishing of  this fish species due to the desire of the Japanese people to consume sushi which is made from the Bluefin tuna?  In the article, "The Deadliest Catch: A Proposed Trade Ban Could Take Bluefin Tuna off the Menu", which you can read at the following website:,  it is stated that "Japan imports about 80 percent of the total bluefin catch in the Atlantic and Mediter­ranean, even as those stocks have plummeted to such paltry levels that many scientists speculate that the fish could be headed for extinction." If the Japanese position in this matter  is going to be that  "They will not comply if a ban is imposed on international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, (source: ), who is  going to  prevent the Japanese from fishing the bluefin tuna into extinction?   If scientists in the United States indicate that "the 2008 ICCAT stock assessment of West Atlantic bluefin tuna created two scenarios (low recruitment and high recruitment) regarding the spawning biomass (the amount of fish in the population that are able to reproduce) of the stock. The low recruitment scenario resulted in a current population estimate that is 57% of the target level, while the high recruitment estimate was less optimistic at only 14% of the target level. If, as these statistics suggest, the United States is also overfishing the Bluefin Tuna, then what steps are  other Governments and people of this world going to ake to ensure the behavior of the Americans is not going to be allowed to be continued in the future, in order to preserve the existence of the Bluefin tuna in the World's oceans?  source:

Why has the news media indicted that the Canadian Government  seems to be leaning towards  opposing a trade ban on the Bluefin Tuna?  Concerning citizens of Canada, such as myself, who believe that species of life such as the Bluefin tuna have just as much right to live in this World as we humans do,want the Federal Government of Canada and other governments to address this serious issue, concerning the Bluefin Tuna. We want you to state publically that the interests of the Bluefin tuna species  are the most important consideration in this matter, not the interests of fisherman in Canada or in other countries (such as Japan and the United States), which have shown through their behavior that they cannot act responsibly in their behavior , by overfishing the Northern Bluefin Tuna to  the brink of extinction!

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