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Thursday, March 11, 2010

11th European Individual Chess Championships:Round 6 results and standings

The sixth rounds of the 11th European Individual Chess Championship were played today.Here are the results from the top boards:

Women's Individual Championship
(the player on the left had the white pieces in the game):

Round 6 on 2010/03/11 at 15:30

117POLGMSocko MonikaPOL24651 - 0GMKosintseva TatianaRUS2524RUS4
224SCOGMArakhamia-Grant KetevanSCO24470 - 14GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL2555BUL1
325UKRIMMuzychuk MariyaUKR24444½ - ½4IMKosintseva NadezhdaRUS2554RUS2
426RUSIMKovalevskaya EkaterinaRUS24384½ - ½4IMMuzychuk AnnaSLO2533SLO3
513LTUIMCmilyte ViktorijaLTU248541 - 04IMMatveeva SvetlanaRUS2373RUS42
635RUSWGMSavina AnastasiaRUS23914½ - ½4GMDzagnidze NanaGEO2479GEO14
722UKRIMUshenina AnnaUKR245240 - 14WGMGalojan LilitARM2380ARM41
851ROUWGMCosma Elena-LuminitaROU23460 - 1GMCramling PiaSWE2523SWE5
932POLWGMZawadzka JolantaPOL2404½ - ½GMSebag MarieFRA2506FRA6
109UKRWGMZhukova NataliaUKR24921 - 0WGMCharkhalashvili IngaGEO2338GEO54
1156ITAIMSedina ElenaITA2334½ - ½GMHoang Thanh TrangHUN2487HUN11
1215UKRIMGaponenko InnaUKR2472½ - ½IMGvetadze SopioGEO2342GEO52
1377RUSWGMKursova MariaRUS22960 - 1IMRajlich IwetaPOL2459POL18
1419GREIMDembo YelenaGRE24571 - 0Papp PetraHUN2263HUN90
1568RUSWGMNebolsina VeraRUS23101 - 0WFMGunina ValentinaRUS2457RUS20
1621FRAIMSkripchenko AlmiraFRA24561 - 0Mrvova AlenaSVK2239SVK104
1797CZEWIMSikorova OlgaCZE22560 - 1IMKhurtsidze NinoGEO2434GEO28

To see all of the results from this round for the Women's Championship click on the following link:

These results mean the following standings exist in the Women's Championship after 6 rounds of play:

Rank after Round 6

Rk.NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
1POLGMSocko MonikaPOL24655,514,021,55278765,53,631,871018,7
2BULGMStefanova AntoanetaBUL25555,015,523,542640654,420,58105,8
3LTUIMCmilyte ViktorijaLTU24855,014,021,042606654,200,80108,0
4ARMWGMGalojan LilitARM23805,012,519,542614653,281,721525,8
5RUSIMKosintseva NadezhdaRUS25544,516,024,03258964,54,230,27102,7
6SCOGMArakhamia-Grant KetevanSCO24474,516,023,54261864,53,151,351013,5
7UKRIMMuzychuk MariyaUKR24444,515,524,03257664,53,481,021010,2
8RUSGMKosintseva TatianaRUS25244,515,523,04260064,53,910,59105,9
9SLOIMMuzychuk AnnaSLO25334,515,023,03258164,54,130,37103,7
10UKRWGMZhukova NataliaUKR24924,514,521,03251964,54,320,18101,8
11POLIMRajlich IwetaPOL24594,514,022,03250864,54,140,36103,6
12GEOGMDzagnidze NanaGEO24794,514,021,03254364,54,030,47104,7
13SWEGMCramling PiaSWE25234,514,020,54255864,54,230,27102,7
14GEOIMKhurtsidze NinoGEO24344,514,020,53253664,53,690,81108,1
15RUSWGMNebolsina VeraRUS23104,513,520,04252564,52,771,731526,0
16RUSIMKovalevskaya EkaterinaRUS24384,513,019,54250964,53,950,55105,5
17GREIMDembo YelenaGRE24574,513,018,53245964,54,480,02100,2
18FRAIMSkripchenko AlmiraFRA24564,512,518,04252564,53,980,52105,2
19RUSWGMSavina AnastasiaRUS23914,512,018,53252164,53,501,001010,0

To see the entire crosstable for the women after 6 rounds of play click on the following link:

Men's Championship
Here are the results from the top boards for round 6 of the Men's Championship (the player on the left had the white pieces in the game):

Round 6 on 2010/03/11 at 15:30

136RUSGMTimofeev ArtyomRUS26550 - 1GMJobava BaadurGEO2695GEO10
248UKRGMEfimenko ZaharUKR26401 - 0GMNisipeanu Liviu-DieterROU2661ROU28
342ISRGMSutovsky EmilISR265040 - 14GMAlmasi ZoltanHUN2720HUN1
45ESPGMVallejo Pons FranciscoESP27084½ - ½4GMZvjaginsev VadimRUS2643RUS46
57ENGGMAdams MichaelENG27044½ - ½4GMSokolov IvanBIH2638BIH51
611GERGMNaiditsch ArkadijGER269140 - 14GMVuckovic BojanSRB2630SRB58
717RUSGMKurnosov IgorRUS26744½ - ½4GMIordachescu ViorelMDA2621MDA71
849AZEGMMamedov RaufAZE263941 - 04GMAreshchenko AlexanderUKR2670UKR18
996ROUGMLupulescu ConstantinROU25984½ - ½4GMGeorgiev KirilBUL2669BUL20
1097SWEGMBerg EmanuelSWE25944½ - ½4GMInarkiev ErnestoRUS2667RUS24
1129RUSGMRiazantsev AlexanderRUS266041 - 04GMTer-Sahakyan SamvelARM2513ARM166
12159ROUGMSzabo Gergely-Andras-GyulaROU25254½ - ½4GMKhismatullin DenisRUS2657RUS34
1335RUSGMNepomniachtchi IanRUS265641 - 04GMMelkumyan HrantARM2582ARM110

Here are the standings for the top-scoring men after 6 rounds of play:

Rank after Round 6

Rk.NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
1UKRGMEfimenko ZaharUKR26405,515,023,05299365,53,372,131021,3
2GEOGMJobava BaadurGEO26955,514,022,55299765,53,801,701017,0
3RUSGMNepomniachtchi IanRUS26565,015,523,042813653,931,071010,7
4RUSGMRiazantsev AlexanderRUS26605,015,021,542814653,961,041010,4
5AZEGMMamedov RaufAZE26395,013,520,542809653,801,201012,0
6HUNGMAlmasi ZoltanHUN27205,013,018,542731654,500,50105,0
7SRBGMVuckovic BojanSRB26305,012,519,542762654,080,92109,2
8RUSGMTimofeev ArtyomRUS26554,516,525,04277064,53,610,89108,9
9ROUGMLupulescu ConstantinROU25984,516,523,53276964,53,121,381013,8
10ROUGMNisipeanu Liviu-DieterROU26614,516,024,04274764,53,850,65106,5
11ROUGMSzabo Gergely-Andras-GyulaROU25254,516,022,53273264,52,661,841018,4
12SLOIMSkoberne JureSLO25094,515,521,04270764,52,591,911019,1
13RUSGMKurnosov IgorRUS26744,515,022,53276464,53,820,68106,8
14ITAGMCaruana FabianoITA26804,515,022,53276364,53,880,62106,2
15ESPGMVallejo Pons FranciscoESP27084,515,022,03279164,53,880,62106,2
RUSGMInarkiev ErnestoRUS26674,515,022,03274464,53,920,58105,8
17ENGGMAdams MichaelENG27044,515,022,03276264,54,050,45104,5
18CZEGMStocek JiriCZE25914,515,021,53276364,53,101,401014,0
19RUSGMKhismatullin DenisRUS26574,515,021,53270964,54,100,40104,0
20RUSGMTregubov Pavel VRUS26254,515,021,53268764,54,050,45104,5
21BULGMDelchev AleksanderBUL26254,514,521,53269264,54,010,49104,9
22RUSGMTomashevsky EvgenyRUS27014,514,021,53272464,54,320,18101,8
23BIHGMSokolov IvanBIH26384,514,021,03276764,53,501,001010,0
24MDAGMIordachescu ViorelMDA26214,514,021,03271664,53,750,75107,5
25SVKGMMovsesian SergeiSVK27094,514,020,53275164,54,170,33103,3
26ARMGMAkopian VladimirARM26884,514,020,53275164,54,040,46104,6
27RUSGMZvjaginsev VadimRUS26434,513,521,03274264,53,740,76107,6
28NEDGMReinderman DimitriNED25764,513,019,54268964,53,550,95109,5
29RUSGMMotylev AlexanderRUS27054,513,019,53267664,54,67-0,1710-1,7
30POLGMMacieja BartlomiejPOL26254,513,019,03264964,54,300,20102,0
31BULGMGeorgiev KirilBUL26694,512,519,54272464,54,080,42104,2
32FRAGMFressinet LaurentFRA26704,512,519,04273164,54,060,44104,4
33CZEGMHracek ZbynekCZE26154,512,519,03265064,54,210,29102,9
34RUSGMSjugirov SananRUS26024,512,518,54266564,54,000,50105,0
35SWEGMBerg EmanuelSWE25944,512,019,03268364,53,770,73107,3


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