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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cannibal star is devouring a planet: Astronomers

According to a study released in the British Science journal, "Nature", a star 600 light years from Earth is devouring one of its own planets!! The star/planet , named "Wasp-12b by astronomers, was discovered last year  and scientists believe it , is a "gas giant" with a mass about 40 per cent greater and a radius 79 percent larger than that of Jupiter,  the biggest planet of our Solar System!!!!

WASP-12b takes only 26 hours to travel once around its star, WASP-12, located in the constellation of Auriga. Because its orbit is so fast, astronomers were able to state that WASP-12b is located very near its host star, WASP-12

Source:Agence France-Presse

Here is some additional information concerning WASP12b:

1."WASP 12b is an exoplanet. This means "it is a planet which orbits a star other than our own Sun."
2."WASP-12b orbits  its host star 1/40
th of the distance at which the Earth orbits the Sun Its host star, WASP  heats WASP-12b to record-breaking temperatures; the  planet is being heated  up to temperatures around 2250 °C!!"

3."Planets  approximately the  size of Jupiter orbiting close to their star in other systems are often referred to as "Hot Jupiters."

4."Scientists are at a loss to explain why WASP 1b is so large..Simulations suggest that the intense heat should keep the planet puffed up a bit — but nothing like what's observed. So the discovery team, led by Leslie Hebb (University of St. Andrews, Scotland), suspects that the planet is shrouded in energy-absorbing hazes consisting of titanium and vanadium oxides, among the few things that are solid at those temperatures. The exotic dust might be absorbing enough light and heat to puff out the planet's outer layer."
Hebb and her colleagues explore this possibility  in a paper which appears in the
Astrophysical Journal and which you can download by clicking on the following link:  You need the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.

Just how common is it  for a star to devour a planet?

According to Dr David Whitehouse
 BBC News Online science editor, who wrote the article,"Star devours planets," which you can read by clicking on the following link:

"Some researchers believe that planet swallowing may be common and may explain why so many stars have enhanced levels of metals in their surface regions. The metals may have come from engulfed planets." It is stated at the website:

"The idea that gravitational forces might pull a planet into its parent star have recently been predicted by computer models."

 "When we look at the observed properties of extrasolar planets, we can see that this has already happened – some extrasolar planet have already fallen into their stars," said Rory Barnes from the University of Washington.

"The computer models can show where planets should line up in a particular star system, but direct observations show that some systems are missing planets close to the stars where models say they should be.
But because the planet is so close to the star, the two bodies begin pulling on each other with increasingly strong gravitational force, misshaping the star's surface with rising tides from its gaseous surface."

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