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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Found: A sea slug named Elysia chlorotica which lives on light

Fascinating research concerning a type of sea slug has been release to the world. The sea slug,  (pictured above) with a scientific name of  Elysia chlorotica  has been found to possess the ability to make food out of sunlight, just like a plant!!

"U.S. researchers have found that the sea slug Elysia chlorotica can photosynthesize, using energy from light to convert carbon dioxide into sugars. "If you shine light on these slugs, they fix carbon dioxide and make oxygen just like a plant," Sidney Pierce of the University of South Florida ."

"The slugs look just like a leaf, green and about three centimetres long, and are found off the east coast of North America from Nova Scotia to Florida. They acquire the ability to photosynthesize by eating algae and incorporating the plants' tiny chlorophyll-containing structures, called chloroplasts, into their own cells..... the chloroplasts can live inside the slugs' cells for nine or 10 months, nearly the entire lifetime of the slug, and can provide the animal with all the energy it needs."

Source of  this information :

"Elysia chlorotica are most commonly found in salt marshes, tidal marshes, pools and shallow creeks along the east coast of the United States and Canada. They can be found as far north as Nova Scotia and as far south as Florida.Elysia chlorotica can grow up to 60mm in length but are more commonly found between 20mm to 30mm in length."

""Elysia chlorotica feeds on the intertidal algae  Vaucheria litorea by puncturing  the algal cell wall with its  radula (The radula (plural radulae or radulas) is an anatomical structure found in mollusks and used for feeding. It is a minutely toothed, chitinous ribbon.) The slug then holds the algal strand firmly in its mouth and, as though it were a straw, sucks out the contents. Instead of digesting the entire cell contents, or passing the contents through its gut unscathed, it retains only the algal chloroplasts, by storing them within its own cells throughout its extensive digestive system. The acquisition of chloroplasts begins immediately following metamorphosis from the veliger stage when the juvenile sea slugs begin to feed on the Vaucheria litorea cells. Juvenile slugs are brown with red pigment spots until they feed upon the algae, at which point they become green. This is caused by the distribution of the chloroplasts throughout the extensively branched gut. Initially, the slug needs to continually feed upon algae to retain the chloroplasts, but over time the chloroplasts become more stably incorporated into the cells of the gut enabling the slug to remain green without further feeding."

"The incorporation of chloroplasts within the cells of Elysia chlorotica allow the slug to capture energy directly from light, as most plants do, through the process known as photosynthesis. This is significantly beneficial for Elysia chlorotica because during time periods where algae is not readily available as a food supply, the Elysia chlorotica can survive for months on the sugars produced through photosynthesis performed by their own chloroplasts. Kept within the slug's own cells, it has been found that the chloroplasts can survive and function for up to nine or even 10 months." source:

I found a video of this sea slug showing it eating:

Source of video:

For more information about Elysia chlorotica,please go to the following website:

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