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Sunday, January 24, 2010

More wildlife and plantlife killed needlessly because of human behavior

I just read that another oil tanker has been involved in a serious oil spill! The tanker Eagle Otome  crashed into some barges in the waters off of Port Arthur, Texas! If you look at a photograph of the accident you will be perplexed as me as to why this accident had to happen:

Apparently this oil spill has occurred in crucial breeding ground and a wildlife management area that lost its protective gates when Hurricane Ike roared ashore a year and a half ago, which is really bad news!!  According to news articles I have read concerning this awful situation,  this tanker is owned by Exxon and thus far this tanker  has spilled at least 450,000 gallons of oil into this sensitive natural area!!!!

Source of image:

According to a news report at,:

this tanker was even "double-hulled" ,which leaves us to wonder exactly who is regulating and watching over oil companies to ensure that their tankers are not going to break up like this after an accident such as  this??

"Jefferson County Emergency Management Coordinator Greg Fountain said he believed about 1,000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, ended up in the river."

 According to this last news report, this accident was caused because:

"The 807-foot Eagle Otome was carrying crude oil to a nearby Exxon refinery when it inexplicably lost power about 10 a.m. Saturday. The drifting ship collided with one of two chemical-laden barges being pushed by the tugboat Dixie Vengeance."

Why did this tanker not possess a backup power system  to prevent this sort of accident from occurring?

"Exxon Mobil Corp. reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a U.S. company, even as its fourth-quarter earnings fell 33 percent from a year ago. (source:

This company can make all of these billions of dollars but not be regulated by the United States Government to make the company's tankers more resistent to damage???  Exxon could not afford to put a backup power system on this and other tankers it owns??

For your information, Exxon directors have issued Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) Chief Executive Rex Tillerson  a 7 percent increase in salary in 2010, 

yet this sort of accident is allowed to occur and occur and occur?? Tillerson is going to make $2.2 million in salary in 2010!!!!  (

According to a news article written about this situation at:

"The port is primarily for industrial use, but it is not far from wetlands"

Why was this port constructed so close to a sensitive nature area?

According to a news article I found at the following website

"Exxon said that the tanker's owner, Malaysia-based AET Inc., was handling the response. Richard Russell, vice president of operations for AET, said the company was cooperating fully with investigators and was prepared to shoulder cleanup costs, but cautioned that culpability for the accident remained unclear. "We take that responsibility very seriously," he said, declining to name the two pilots who were responsible for the tanker at the time"

 "Larry Nettles, an environmental attorney with Houston-based law firm Vinson & Elkins, said it was unlikely that Exxon would be held liable for the spill. "It is the vessel owner and operator responsibility, not the charterer's," he said.

So once again Big Oil is allowed to ignore its responsibility in a serious  matter due to the Federal Law of a country. Shouldn't the charterer of an oil- carrying  vessel have some responsibility to ensure that the the owner of the vessel has qualifed crew, and has a vessel with a backup power system installed to prevent this sort of accident from occurring in the first place?

According to a news report issued at the following website:

"The Coast Guard said a crude oil spill in a southeast Texas port had been contained to a two-mile area and was not believed to have hurt any local wildlife."

How could the Coast guard say such a thing? How could they have possibly made an assessment of all of the wildlife and plant life which lives around the areas of a spill in such a short period of time?

According to the website:

"McFaddin and Texas Point National Wildlife Refuges are to the south on the Gulf along Texas 87. At Sabine Pass is Texas Point Refuge, once called Sea Rim. As with other Gulf Coast refuges in the state, tremendous concentrations of waterfowl are seen as well as a great variety of more than 60,000 snow geese (along with white-fronted and Canada geese) use the marsh; 23 species of ducks are represented and the number on the refuges reaches 100,000. The mottled duck, the only resident waterfowl species, uses the marsh for its summer nesting habitat. The McFaddin Refuge contains one of the densest populations of American alligators in Texas"

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