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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 World Chess Cup Khanty Mansiysk:first round pairings

Here are the first round pairings for the 2009 World Chess Cup:

World Cup 2009           Round 1
11GMGelfand, BorisISR-128IMObodchuk, AndreiRUS
22GMGashimov, VugarAZE-127IMSarwat, WalaaEGY
33GMSvidler, PeterRUS-126IMHebert, JeanCAN
44GMMorozevich, AlexanderRUS-125IMAbdel Razik, KhaledEGY
55GMRadjabov, TeimourAZE-124IMEzat, MohamedEGY
66GMIvanchuk, VassilyUKR-123GMBezgodov, AlexeiRUS
77GMPonomariov, RuslanUKR-122GMEl Gindy, EssamEGY
88GMGrischuk, AlexanderRUS-121IMSriram, JhaIND
99GMJakovenko, DmitryRUS-120GMRizouk, AimenALG
1010GMWang, YueCHN-119GMKabanov, NikolaiRUS
1111GMEljanov, PavelUKR-118GMAl Sayed, Mohamad N.QAT
1212GMKarjakin, SergeyUKR-117GMRodriguez Vila, AndresURU
1313GMMamedyarov, ShakhriyarAZE-116GMKosteniuk, AlexandraRUS
1414GMShirov, AlexeiESP-115GMKunte, AbhijitIND
1515GMDominguez Perez, LeinierCUB-114GMSmerdon, DavidAUS
1616GMMovsesian, SergeiSVK-113GMYu, YangyiCHN
1717GMVachier-Lagrave, MaximeFRA-112GMYu, ShaotengCHN
1818GMAlekseev, EvgenyRUS-111IMPridorozhni, AlekseiRUS
1919GMTomashevsky, EvgenyRUS-110GMIvanov, AlexanderUSA
2020GMWang, HaoCHN-109GMFriedel, Joshua EUSA
2121GMNavara, DavidCZE-108GMLaylo, DarwinPHI
2222GMMalakhov, VladimirRUS-107GMAmin, BassemEGY
2323GMBacrot, EtienneFRA-106GMNijboer, FrisoNED
2424GMRublevsky, SergeiRUS-105GMMorovic Fernandez, IvanCHI
2525GMJobava, BaadurGEO-104IMRobson, RayUSA
2626GMMotylev, AlexanderRUS-103GMHess, Robert LUSA
2727GMKamsky, GataUSA-102GMAntonio, Rogelio JrPHI
2828GMVitiugov, NikitaRUS-101GMGupta, AbhijeetIND
2929GMBologan, ViktorMDA-100GMAdly, AhmedEGY
3030GMNaiditsch, ArkadijGER-99GMHou, YifanCHN
3131GMBu, XiangzhiCHN-98GMPelletier, YannickSUI
3232GMPolgar, JuditHUN-97GMPavasovic, DuskoSLO
3333GMNisipeanu, Liviu-DieterROU-96GMLupulescu, ConstantinROU
3434GMSargissian, GabrielARM-95GMLi, Chao bCHN
3535GMOnischuk, AlexanderUSA-94GMFlores, DiegoARG
3636GMCheparinov, IvanBUL-93GMKryvoruchko, YuriyUKR
3737GMEfimenko, ZaharUKR-92GMMilos, GilbertoBRA
3838GMSutovsky, EmilISR-91GMZhou, WeiqiCHN
3939GMNajer, EvgeniyRUS-90GMGhaem Maghami, EhsanIRI
4040GMTiviakov, SergeiNED-89GMIturrizaga, EduardoVEN
4141GMAreshchenko, AlexanderUKR-88GMCorrales Jimenez, FidelCUB
4242GMSasikiran, KrishnanIND-87GML'Ami, ErwinNED
4343GMSmirin, IliaISR-86GMEhlvest, JaanUSA
4444GMBaklan, VladimirUKR-85GMShabalov, AlexanderUSA
4545GMGanguly, Surya ShekharIND-84GMFilippov, AntonUZB
4646GMFier, AlexandrBRA-83GMKhalifman, AlexanderRUS
4747GMFressinet, LaurentFRA-82GMSjugirov, SananRUS
4848GMMeier, GeorgGER-81GMPetrosian, Tigran L.ARM
4949GMGrachev, BorisRUS-80GMBartel, MateuszPOL
5050GMCaruana, FabianoITA-79GMBruzon Batista, LazaroCUB
5151GMSokolov, IvanNED-78GMFedorchuk, Sergey A.UKR
5252GMMilov, VadimSUI-77GMNegi, ParimarjanIND
5353GMTimofeev, ArtyomRUS-76GMLeitao, RafaelBRA
5454GMInarkiev, ErnestoRUS-75GMGustafsson, JanGER
5555GMSavchenko, BorisRUS-74GMShulman, YuriUSA
5656GMKobalia, MikhailRUS-73GMSandipan, ChandaIND
5757GMTkachiev, VladislavFRA-72GMLe, Quang LiemVIE
5858GMTregubov, Pavel V.RUS-71GMAkobian, VaruzhanUSA
5959GMSo, WesleyPHI-70GMGuseinov, GadirAZE
6060GMGranda Zuniga, Julio EPER-69GMSakaev, KonstantinRUS
6161GMLaznicka, ViktorCZE-68GMPapaioannou, IoannisGRE
6262GMAndreikin, DmitryRUS-67GMNyback, TomiFIN
6363GMMamedov, RaufAZE-66GMZhou, JianchaoCHN
6464GMAmonatov, FarrukhTJK-65GMVolkov, SergeyRUS

Best wishes to all the players in this tournament!


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Visit GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's Women's Chess Blog:Please click on the image below:
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