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Sunday, October 4, 2009

European Club Cup Team tournament begins

The European Club Cup Team chess tournament has begun in Ohrid Macedonia. Here are some facts about Ohrid:

" Ohrid is a city on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid in the Republic of Macedonia. It has about 42,000 inhabitants, making it the seventh largest city in the country. Ohrid is notable for having once 365 churches, one for each day of the year and has been referred to as a "Jerusalem".The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and tourism is predominant." source:

In today's first round of the European Club Cup, in the Women's competion,some upsets occurred. WGM/IM Yelena Dembo defeated higher-rated GM Pia Cramling, WGM/IM Corina-Isabela Peptan was victorious over higher-rated Monika Socko and  IM Alisa Maric was held to a draw by IM Svetlana Petrenko.

Here are the results from all  the games: (source:

Round 1 on 2009/10/04 at 15:00
Bo.6ROU  CS Cotnari-Politehnica IasiRtg-1MNC  Cercle d'Echecs Monte CarloRtg2 : 2
1.1GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2499-GMKoneru Humpy25950 - 1
1.2IMDembo Yelena2482-GMCramling Pia25351 - 0
1.3IMPeptan Corina-Isabela2387-GMSocko Monika24761 - 0
1.4WGMMotoc Alina2316-IMSkripchenko Almira24480 - 1
Bo.2RUS  Spartak VidnoeRtg-7ARM  Mika YerevanRtg4 : 0
2.1IMKosintseva Tatiana2536-IMDanielian Elina24891 - 0
2.2GMStefanova Antoaneta2527-IMHarika Dronavalli24741 - 0
2.3IMKosintseva Nadezhda2493-IMKhurtsidze Nino24201 - 0
2.4GMLahno Kateryna2483-WGMGalojan Lilit23261 - 0
Bo.8SRB  BAS BeogradRtg-3GEO  Samaia TbilisiRtg1½:2½
3.1IMGaponenko Inna2438-GMChiburdanidze Maia2506½ - ½
3.2IMBojkovic Natasa2429-IMJavakhishvili Lela24720 - 1
3.3IMVasilevich Tatjana2423-IMLomineishvili Maia23781 - 0
3.4WGMStojanovic Andjelija2323-IMMelia Salome24320 - 1
Bo.4RUS  Economist-SGSEU SaratovRtg-9POL  Polonia Votum WroclawRtg2½:1½
4.1IMMuzychuk Anna2533-IMRajlich Iweta2465½ - ½
4.2WGMIljushina Olga2364-WGMZawadzka Jolanta2414½ - ½
4.3IMUshenina Anna2474-WIMSzczepkowska-Horowska Karina2321½ - ½
4.4IMPaehtz Elisabeth2482-WGMKrupa Monika22191 - 0
Bo.10SRB  Radnicki RudovciRtg-5MNE  T-com PodgoricaRtg1 : 3
5.1WGMChelushkina Irina2333-GMHoang Thanh Trang2501½ - ½
5.2IMFoisor Cristina-Adela2433-IMCmilyte Viktorija24770 - 1
5.3IMPetrenko Svetlana2260-IMMaric Alisa2405½ - ½
5.4WGMBenderac Ana2276-IMKovalevskaya Ekaterina24360 - 1

In the Men's tournament there are  54 teams playing,so I cannot list all of the results for each round. If you want to see the results please visit the following website:

In round one of the Men's event, there were some surprising results (to say the least!!),here are some of them: There are a few grandmasters not sleeping very well after their performance in round one of the tournament!!!

GM    Bu Xiangzhi           2702-   GM Malisauskas Vidmantas  2483    draw

GM    Andreikin Dmitry    2659    -           Laurusas Tomas      2180    0 - 1  

 GM    Riazantsev Alexander    2646    -    IM    Mitkov Marjan    2390    draw         
GM    Ivanchuk Vassily    2756    -IM    De Jong Jan-Willem    2462    draw
GM    Golod Vitali                2602    -FM    Van Wessel Rudy    2340    0 - 1

IM    Porat Ido               2448    -GM    Timofeev Artyom    2668    ½ - ½

FM    Porat David            2222    -GM     Amonatov Farrukh    2643    ½ - ½

GM    Akopian Vladimir    2698    -IM    Wemmers Xander    2378    ½ - ½
GM    Sargissian Gabriel    2678    -    Vedder Henk                2364    ½ - ½
GM    Pashikian Arman    2663    -FM      De Haan Eric                2363    0 - 1
IM    Pedersen Christian     2440    -GM    Svidler Peter          2741    ½ - ½

    Jensen Bjarke         2249    -GM    Turov Maxim                2595    ½ - ½

          Pihlajasalo Hannu    2264    -GM    Fish Gennadij         2508    ½ - ½

IM    Khmelniker Ilya      2483    -FM    Kujala Auvo                2242    ½ - ½

FM    Buss Ralph            2371    -GM    Pavlovic Milos                2533    1 - 0

IM    Grafl Florian               2426    -          Townsend M Paul    2186    ½ - ½

         Ocantos Manue               2160    -    IM    Csiszar Csaba    2429    1 - 0
        Christen Pierre           2018    -    IM    Meszaros Tamas2434    ½ - ½

       Bujupi Bajram                2242    -    GM    Schebler Gerhard248     draw

These are the top ranking teams based on round 1 (using tie-breaks):

Rank after Round 1

Rk.SNoFED TeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
14GERGEROSG Baden-Baden110027,00,0
29UKRUKRPVK - Kievchess110027,00,0
310MKDMKDAlkaloid Skopje110027,00,0
421NEDNEDHMC Calder110027,00,0
525MNEMNEBuducnost Podgorica110027,00,0

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Visit GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's Women's Chess Blog:Please click on the image below:
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