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Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 European Club Cup Chess :Men:Round 3 results and standings

Here are some of the results from round 3 of the Men's European Club Cup:

Round 3 on 2009/10/06 at 15:00
Bo.1RUS  Economist-SGSEU-1 SaratovRtg-14CZE  1. Novoborsky SKRtg5 : 1
1.1GMAlekseev Evgeny2725-GMLaznicka Viktor26341 - 0
1.2GMEljanov Pavel2717-GMStocek Jiri2582½ - ½
1.3GMTomashevsky Evgeny2688-GMMarkos Jan25651 - 0
1.4GMBu Xiangzhi2702-GMHaba Petr2541½ - ½
1.5GMNi Hua2692-GMCvek Robert25181 - 0
1.6GMMoiseenko Alexander2694-IMSimacek Pavel24991 - 0
Bo.11UKR  A DAN DZO & PGMBRtg-2RUS  Ural SvedrdlovskayaRtg3 : 3
2.1GMAzarov Sergei2625-GMGrischuk Alexander2733½ - ½
2.2GMDrozdovskij Yuri2627-GMShirov Alexei27301 - 0
2.3GMKuzubov Yuriy2636-GMMalakhov Vladimir2715½ - ½
2.4IMZubov Alexander2567-GMRublevsky Sergei2703½ - ½
2.5GMKononenko Dmitry2563-GMDreev Alexey2659½ - ½
2.6GMZinchenko Yaroslav2539-GMBareev Evgeny26330 - 1
Bo.26SVK  SK Slovan BratislavaRtg-4GER  OSG Baden-BadenRtg1 : 5
3.1GMFtacnik Lubomir2532-GMMovsesian Sergei27111 - 0
3.2IMVavrak Peter2475-GMBacrot Etienne27090 - 1
3.3FMPacher Milan2366-GMVallejo Pons Francisco26960 - 1
3.4IMBanas Jan2343-GMNaiditsch Arkadij26850 - 1
Havlicek Libor2338-GMAdams Michael26820 - 1
Komora Andrej2328-GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter26640 - 1
Bo.5ISR  Ashdod Illit Chess ClubRtg-8RUS  SPbChFed Sankt-PeterburgRtg2½:3½
4.1GMIvanchuk Vassily2756-GMSvidler Peter27410 - 1
4.2GMGashimov Vugar2740-GMVitiugov Nikita26811 - 0
4.3GMSutovsky Emil2676-GMSakaev Konstantin2625½ - ½
4.4GMAvrukh Boris2668-GMZvjaginsev Vadim26350 - 1
4.5GMSmirin Ilia2648-GMYemelin Vasily2570½ - ½
4.6GMGolod Vitali2602-GMEfimenko Zahar2654½ - ½
Bo.6RUS  Tomsk-400Rtg-10MKD  Alkaloid SkopjeRtg2½:3½
5.1GMMotylev Alexander2710-GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2721½ - ½
5.2GMBologan Viktor2688-GMKamsky Gata26920 - 1
5.3GMTimofeev Artyom2668-GMVolokitin Andrei26810 - 1
5.4GMTkachiev Vladislav2669-GMGuseinov Gadir2667½ - ½
5.5GMInarkiev Ernesto2664-GMMamedov Rauf2626½ - ½
5.6GMKhismatullin Denis2614-GMNedev Trajko25111 - 0
Bo.9UKR  PVK - KievchessRtg-7ARM  Mika YerevanRtg2½:3½
6.1GMOnischuk Alexander2699-GMAronian Levon2773½ - ½
6.2GMMiroshnichenko Evgenij2690-GMAkopian Vladimir2698½ - ½
6.3GMAreshchenko Alexander2667-GMSargissian Gabriel26780 - 1
6.4GMBeliavsky Alexander G2656-GMPashikian Arman2663½ - ½
6.5GMBaklan Vladimir2646-GMAndriasian Zaven26121 - 0
6.6GMVysochin Spartak2550-GMPetrosian Tigran L26020 - 1
Bo.13ISR  Beer Sheva Chess ClubRtg-15FRA  EVRY Grand RoqueRtg4½:1½
7.1GMHuzman Alexander2599-GMFeller Sebastien2570½ - ½
7.2GMRodshtein Maxim2623-GMFedorchuk Sergey A26431 - 0
7.3GMPostny Evgeny2651-GMHauchard Arnaud2527½ - ½
7.4GMGreenfeld Alon2541-GMChuchelov Vladimir25981 - 0
Nabaty Tamir2514-GMRelange Eloi24731 - 0
7.6IMKhmelniker Ilya2483-GMChabanon Jean-Luc2440½ - ½
Bo.3RUS  ShSM-64 MoscowRtg-38LUX  CE De Sprenger EchternachRtg5½: ½
8.1GMGelfand Boris2756-GMHuebner Robert26051 - 0
8.2GMKarjakin Sergey2722-IMWiedenkeller Michael2434½ - ½
8.3GMCaruana Fabiano2662-IMKoerholz Ludger22661 - 0
8.4GMRiazantsev Alexander2646-FMBrittner Serge22791 - 0
8.5GMNepomniachtchi Ian2632-
Gnichtel Gerd21871 - 0
8.6GMGrachev Boris2684-
Doison Axel21061 - 0
Bo.12GER  Werder BremenRtg-29AUT  ASVOe PamhagenRtg4½:1½
9.1GMFressinet Laurent2658-GMRuck Robert2548½ - ½
9.2GMNyback Tomi2615-GMManik Mikulas24261 - 0
9.3GMHracek Zbynek2606-IMAntoniewski Rafal2558½ - ½
9.4GMBabula Vlastimil2569-IMLipka Juraj24181 - 0
9.5GMFish Gennadij2508-
Vitouch Anatol22941 - 0
Joachim Sven2449-
Bozinovic Boban2104½ - ½
Bo.16AUT  Husek WienRtg-32NED  LSGRtg4½:1½
10.1GMNakamura Hikaru2735-IMDe Jong Jan-Willem24621 - 0
10.2GMGeorgiev Kiril2663-IMVan Haastert Edwin2413½ - ½
10.3GMChernin Alexander2605-FMBosman Michiel23561 - 0
10.4GMKovalev Andrei2515-FMWantola Ivo23441 - 0
10.5FMMaros Milan2330-FMVan Wessel Rudy23401 - 0
Haas Bernhard2004-
Coene Igor21930 - 1
Bo.39FIN  Salon Shakkikerho SalskRtg-17BLR  Vesnianka GranRtg2 : 4
11.1IMKiik Kalle2467-GMZhigalko Andrey26010 - 1
11.2GMIvanov Mikhail M2459-IMStupak Kirill2451½ - ½
11.3GMWesterinen Heikki M J2315-
Podolchenko Evgeniy2463½ - ½
Pihlajasalo Hannu2264-GMTihonov Jurij24600 - 1
Kivijarvi Juha2231-IMMochalov Evgeny V24280 - 1
Hynninen Juha2139-
Oblamski Vladimir22271 - 0

Here were the standings after 3 rounds of play:

Rank after Round 3

Rk.SNoFED TeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
14GERGEROSG Baden-Baden3300619,521,0
213ISRISRBeer Sheva Chess Club3300617,526,0
38RUSRUSSPbChFed Sankt-Peterburg3300616,529,0
410MKDMKDAlkaloid Skopje3300616,526,0
51RUSRUSEconomist-SGSEU-1 Saratov3300616,035,0
67ARMARMMika Yerevan3300614,037,0
711UKRUKRA DAN DZO & PGMB3210515,026,5
82RUSRUSUral Svedrdlovskaya3210514,531,5
99UKRUKRPVK - Kievchess3201416,025,5
103RUSRUSShSM-64 Moscow3201415,523,5
1128LTULTUCC Margiris Kaunas3201415,019,0
1314CZECZE1. Novoborsky SK3201414,026,5
1425MNEMNEBuducnost Podgorica3201414,015,0

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