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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Expedition to study Canada's deep sea corals by submarine

UN marks World Oceans Day, first proposed by Canada in 1992
"Researchers hope a new study of deep sea corals along Canada's Pacific coast will lead the government to protect the fragile organisms from fishing practices such as bottom trawling.
The corals are currently "virtually unprotected," said Jennifer Lash, leader of the Finding Coral Expedition, on Monday.
June 8 has been declared the first United Nations World Oceans Day and is the day the study will launch from North Vancouver.
The two-week study, funded by the Sointula, B.C.-based marine conservation group Living Oceans Society, will bring a team of researchers to the Hecate Strait and the Queen Charlotte Basin. There, they will dive in single-person submarines as deep as 500 metres — about as deep as Toronto's CN Tower is high.
Lash, who is also executive director of the Living Oceans Society, said the first dive is expected to take place on Wednesday off the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
"We want to find out what types of species of corals exist on the coast, where they can be found, and we also want to get a better understanding of what other marine species depend on these corals," she added.
A smaller study last year by Fisheries and Oceans Canada found marine animals use B.C. corals as sanctuaries from predators and ocean currents, and as feeding grounds and nurseries. One of the researchers on the current expedition, Thomas Shirley of Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, found that fish, shrimp and crabs can be found in coral habitats in Alaska."

The Sierra Club of Canada, a national environmental group, said in a news release Monday that some deep sea coral "forests" take hundreds to thousands of years to grow."

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"World Oceans Day was first proposed by Canada in 1992 at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to raise awareness about the importance of the Earth's oceans. Canada itself started officially celebrating Oceans Day in 1998, the International Year of the Ocean, but the day was not recognized by the United Nations until 2009. "
" As of 2009, "World Oceans Day" has been officially declared by the United Nations as June 8th each year!" source:
To be honest, sadly this is the first time I have heard of "World Oceans Day", and I missed celebrating it by one day! sigh. If I haven't heard of it and I am on the internet every day searching for new information to talk about on my blog, then what about the people who don't have access to the internet,or other media sources. Why didn't I hear about World Oceans Day in the local newspaper I read, or on the local news I watch on tv? This shows that more awareness of this important day is needed,and hopefully by talking about World Oceans Day on my blog I will get you my friend to learn about it and spread this knowledge to others.
It is great that Jennifer Lash has been able to raise awareness of the need to protect deep sea corals and the organisms which live within a coral reef,through her statement to the media. By determining what species of coral and what animal species live within the coral, hopefully this will raise understanding about the corals and the organisms which live in these corals, especially among those who have the power to make laws and regulations which would allow these coral and animal species to be monitored,protected and preserved.

Photo:Jennifer Lash inside a Nuytco deepworker sub. Source of image:

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