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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Environmentalists plan suit to protect ice seals

By Dan Joling, Associated Press
ANCHORAGE — "An environmental group plans to sue the (United States) federal government to force a decision on additional protections for Arctic seals.
The Center for Biological Diversity said in a notice of intent to sue sent this week to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that it missed a deadline required by law for an endangered species listing decision on ringed, bearded and spotted seals.
A 60-day notification letter is required before a lawsuit can be filed against the federal government.
The group in May 2008 petitioned to protect the Arctic seals because of threats to their habitat — sea ice — from global warming and petroleum development.
Rebecca Noblin in the group's Anchorage office said immediate action is needed because "an entire ecosystem is rapidly melting away."

According to the The Center for Biological Diversity's website at:

"The Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction. In a press release at the Center's website, they state:

"This week the Center for Biological Diversity notified the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of its intent to file suit against the agency for delaying protection of Arctic seals under the Endangered Species Act. In May 2008 the Center filed a petition to protect the ice-dependent ringed, bearded, and spotted seals under the Act due to threats from global warming and increasing oil development in their habitat. In September 2008, the agency found that the three seal species may deserve Endangered Species Act protection but has subsequently failed to make a decision on whether the species warrant legal protection within the one-year deadline provided by the statute.
This week’s 60-day notice of intent to sue is a legally required precursor before a lawsuit can be filed to compel the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to comply with the law.
“The Arctic is in crisis due to global warming,” said Rebecca Noblin, with the Center in Anchorage. “An entire ecosystem is rapidly melting away, and we risk losing not only the polar bear but the ice seals and other ice-dependent species if we do not take immediate action to address global warming.”
Ringed, bearded, and spotted seals use the sea ice in slightly different ways, but each depends on the sea ice for giving birth, rearing pups, and resting. Ringed seals, which are the primary prey for polar bears, excavate snow caves on sea ice to provide hidden, insulated shelters for themselves and their pups. The early breakup of sea ice destroys these snow sanctuaries, resulting in increased deaths of pups. Bearded seals, which are distinctive for their mustachioed appearance and their elaborate courtship songs, give birth and rear their pups on drifting pack ice over shallow waters, where their bottom-dwelling prey is abundant. The early retreat of the sea ice off the food-rich shallow shelves decreases food availability for these seals. Spotted seals, whose longer noses give them a dog-like appearance, rely on the edge of the sea ice away from predators as safe habitat for giving birth and as a nursery for their pups. Loss of sea ice and early sea-ice breakup threaten these seals’ ability to successfully rear their young.
In addition to loss of sea ice from global warming, these seals face threats from increased oil and gas development in their habitat and the proliferation of shipping routes in an increasingly ice-free Arctic. Both activities bring heightened risk of oil spills and rising levels of noise pollution and other kinds of human disturbance." To read the remainder of the press release go to:

It is nice to see that there are some people in this World who are interested in the welfare of species which are in danger of becoming extinct, in great part to the actions of humans on this planet!

To read the remainder of this news article go to:

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