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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blue whales have returned to the waters off British Columbia!

According to a news article written by Wendy McLellan of the Vancouver Province newpaper, entitled, "Little guys have pulled big guys back to B.C. coast:Blue whales follow food supply of shrimp, ""After avoiding B.C's coast for decades, blue whales are returning to the region to feed in the same areas where they were once hunted to near extinction." McLellan cites a recent article published in the "U.S. Marine Mammal Science journal" in which the authors of the article hypothesize that the whales are following krill to the area. Apparently krill move with a 20-30 year cycle of cold ocean water. John Ford,co-author of the article in U.S. Marine Mammal Science and whale researcher with the Canadian Government department of Fisheries and Oceans is quoted by Wendy McLellan in her article as saying "It's encouraging that the whales are out their using this habitat.Now,we have to find out what areas are important to them and to try and protect them.The biggest threat to blue whales is accidental collision with ships," he says.

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McLellan indicates in her article that "whale researchers believe about 2,000 blue whales live off the west coast betweenb Alaska and Mexico....worldwide there are only about 10,000 blue whales left, even though commercial whaling of them ended in the mid 1960's."

source:Edmonton Journal,April 15th 2009.

Blue whales have a life expectancy of 35-40 years and are an endangered species.According to the website: American Cetacean Society,:

"The blue whale is the largest mammal, possibly the largest animal, to ever inhabit the earth.The longest blue whale ever recorded was a 108-foot adult female caught during whaling efforts in Antarctica! In modern times, blue whales in the Southern Hemisphere reach lengths of 90-100 feet , but their Northern Hemisphere counterparts are smaller, on average 75 to 80 feet (23 to 24.5 m). Blue whales can weigh over 100 tons (99,800 kg). Females are larger than males of the same age, the largest perhaps weighing as much as 150 tons (136,000 kg).

According to the National Geographic Society, "Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant!! Their hearts, as much as an automobile!!These whales cruise the ocean at more than five miles an hour (eight kilometers an hour), but accelerate to more than 20 miles an hour (32 kilometers an hour) when they are agitated. Blue whales are among the loudest animals on the planet. They emit a series of pulses, groans, and moans, and it’s thought that, in good conditions, blue whales can hear each other up to 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away. Scientists think they use these vocalizations not only to communicate, but, along with their excellent hearing, to sonar-navigate the lightless ocean depths." (source:

The blue whale is thought to feed almost exclusively on small, shrimp-like creatures called euphausiids or krill.(Of course this fact makes the blue whale extremely vunerable in terms of its survival!! ). A blue whale may eat up to 40 million krill a day!! "the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned all hunting of blue whales in 1966 and gave them worldwide protection. Recovery has been extremely slow, and only in the last few years have there been signs that their numbers may be increasing. Pre-whaling population estimates were over 350,000 blue whales, but up to 99% of blue whales were killed during whaling efforts. Presently, there are an estimated 5-10,000 blue whales in the Southern Hemisphere, and only around 3-4,000 in the Northern Hemisphere."

Let us hope that the Blue Whale species will continue to increase its population in our oceans!The fact that they live in all of the World's oceans gives them a chance to do just that!

Here is a link to a Youtube video about the blue whale:

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