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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada

On this November 11th, Remembrance Day in Canada, I would like to thank all the brave women and men in Armed Forces positions, who have dedicated their lives to keeping those of us in Canada safe from tyranny.I hope that the situations in which all military personal of our county and its allies are presently in, involving physical conflict, can be resolved as quickly as possible,so that the brave women and men fighting in these conflicts can return home to their loved ones.

Today, November 11,2008, marks the 90th anniversary of World War One armistice. Having recently read a book about the armistice, authored by Margaret McMillan , entitled "Paris 1919", I am even more aware of the debt that Canadians owe to our armed forces personnel in all the wars in which Canadians have been involved. As Margaret McMillan states in her book,

"The peacemakers of 1919 made mistakes, of course.By their offhand treatment of the non-European world,they stirred up resentments for which the West is still paying today....When war came in 1939, it was a result of twenty years of decisions taken or not taken, not on arrangements made in 1919. ....The peacemakers, ...had to deal with reality, not with what might have been.They grappled with huge and difficult questions.How can the irrational passions of nationalism or religion be contained before they do more damage? How can we outlaw war? We are still asking these questions." (Margaret MacMillan, "Paris 1991", 2003 Random House.)

Answers to these questions must somehow, some way be found, if Humans are to continue to be able to live on our planet. Nations must put aside their grievances with each other, and the political and military leaders of our World, must be made to realize, en masse, that the populations of our World's countries are tired of wars and conflict. Wars solve nothing, and only lead to more conflict and more war. Only if an alternative to war and conflict is found, can Humans and all life forms on our planet, have a future on this planet. Writers at in an article concerning world peace, suggest that the idea of total peace in our World is a "utopian" ideal. In contrast, members of the World Peace Newsletter, assert that:

"Peace, like reading, writing, mathematics, drawing, emotional intelligence and enlightenment ("understanding/comprehension/compassion/meditation/intuition"), are learned skills that improve our knowledge, maturity, health, happiness and longevity. Peace is probably the most important lesson we should learn during our lives and the sooner the better. The advent of the world wide web may just provide the boost in knowledge humankind has been waiting for. Improved communication may be the difference between extiction and survival. Through knowledge, Peace will evolve. Knowledge is power. Knowledge combined with enlightenment leads to wisdom. Wisdom is Peace!
Be the change you wish to see in the world.Peace starts from within! A change in perception leads to a change in attitude, which leads to a change in behavior, which leads to a change in the world! "
Life's what you make it. (source:

I believe those members of the World Peace Newsletter have a very good understanding of human behavior. The way in which we humans perceive the world, can change. It can change in spite of all the horror, violence, and negativity which we are exposed to in the news media. Today in Canada, I hope that people turn off their televisions and avoid watching the news, and see how they feel by doing so. The media in this world are out of control and if we all see this fact, and we do something about it (by deciding to avoid listening to the news any longer, or at least until the format of news broadcasts changes, from one of negativity, or sensationalism relating to violence and destruction to one of positive news broadcasts with positive stories about the world. We can change our perception of news we read, by simply making a decision to avoid reading stories which are about violence in our world. We can write the owners of newspapers and television stations and demand that changes to these media occur, so that fewer stories about war, violence and negativity are shown. We can tell these business people,that we will not be reading their newspapers or magazines and we will not be watching television stations which play shows or news broadcasts with violence in them. The peace-loving citizens of this world must take action, , to change the perceptions of the political leaders in this world, if we are to survive as a species, and if we are not to cause (as a species) the total eradication of all life on this planet.

Peace, like war, is a choice. And of peace is a choice, then we must make the politicians of the world adopt this philosophy.

"Canada's military budget for 2008 was $18.2 billion. It's projected to reach $19 billion next year. In the 2008 budget, the government pledged to increase military spending by two per cent a year for 20 years, starting in 2011, which would add an additional $12 billion over those 20 years." (source: The fact that our Government has pledged to increase its expenditure on the military,in the coming years, is such an awful sign of the current state of our World. Unless humans begin to put aside our differences in political and religious ideology , and begin to work together, our species will not survive on this planet. I urge those of you who want the world to survive, to write to the political leaders of your country (you would be surprised how accessiable they are using email or Government websites) and demand these budgets be lowered, and demand that these elected leaders focus on bringing peace to the world, not peace-keeping.

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